Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Little Mitts for Little Hands

A few months ago my sister, Sara, asked me if I could make some red mittens for her eldest, Tilly. Obviously I said yes, and obviously I had to whip up a red pair for her youngest, Daisy, too!

I decided to start with Daisy's mittens, as they would only take me a couple of hours. I decided to use the pattern Easy Kids Hand Warmers by Samantha Goodin. They are only tiny, but I thought they'd be relatively easy for Daisy to put on herself when she gets ready to go to school. I knew that Daisy would want sparkly red mittens just like her big sister, but unfortunately I didn't have enough Galaxy DK for her mittens, so I decided to use Stylecraft Special DK in Red and Wendy Peter Pan DK in 3000 (white). Now she has sparkly Where's Wally mittens!

They were such a quick & easy knit, and I highly recommend them if you need a quick knit. Because they're so quick to make, it doesn't really matter if you lose a mitten, as you can make another one in about an hour! Yay! The best part of this project was that Daisy loved them! She put them on straight away and said: "Aunty Lolly (that's my cute little nickname), I love them. I never wanna take 'em off! I'm even going to wear them in bed!". She's just too cute!! :D 

If you would like to checkout my notes for this project, Click here!

I remembered I had a small amount of King Cole Galaxy in Red, so once I had found that in my stash (that was a job and a half, but that's another post for another day!), I headed over to Ravelry to try and find a suitable pattern. It took me about half an hour of searching, but I finally found the perfect pattern - Lina Mitts by Amber Bertram. "Lina" is a lovely little cabled mitt encased in twisted rib, which means it'll stretch to fit those growing hands!

The great thing about this pattern is that it fits ages 2-10, which means Tilly will get at a couple of years use out of them before she has to pass them down to her little sister. The pattern was written really well, and the mittens knitted up in no time at all! I started them late in the evening of the 16th of December, and by the morning of the 18th, I had two little sparkly mittens! 

I always enjoy using Galaxy yarn, it is so soft to work with (although I urge you to use bamboo needles when you knit with it, I found my stitches always slipped off when using metal needles, as the yarn is so soft), and it's always fun to watch how the sparkles are going to look against the different stitches. All in all, I really enjoyed this project, and I will definitely be using Lina as my go-to kiddie mitten pattern (I say "kiddie", but my hands actually fit into these mittens. When I say I have child-size hands, I actually mean it! I'm going to be making myself a pair of these for walking the dog!). If you would like to see my project notes for this pattern, please click this cute little link!

Tilly absolutely loved her mittens, yay! Unfortunately I didn't get chance to snap a pic of her wearing them, as she was playing Minecraft at the time (I have a sneaky suspicion that she's going to be an incredibly popular gaming YouTuber when she's older....), but I hear that both her & Daisy have been wearing them when they're out on their adventures! :)

Thanks for reading, I'll be back tomorrow to talk about the toys I knitted for them both! Have a lovely day x

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