Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New Project Excuses

a little note from Future Charlotte: This post was written on my "rebound blog", when I thought I could be all fancy and have a proper website. Long story short - running a website is expensive & time consuming, and I just couldn't do it. After a little bit of grovelling, my blogger allowed me to come back - phew! So, just as a warning, this post might reference & link to said rebound blog, and you can click here to be check it out if you so desire. Now I'm going to hand back to past Charlotte...

I've been spending a lot of time lately creating content for the website (I'm blogging daily, as well as releasing podcasts & YouTube videos), so I've been spending very little time knitting. This week I'm trying to get myself more organised so that I get more knitting done!

So, this week I actually have a couple of projects to share with you! First up we have a Mitered Blanket.

As I said in last weeks podcast, I saw the wonderful Tami post a picture of her mitered blanket on Instagram. Now, this doesn't happen very often, but the moment I saw it I wanted to make one myself. I quickly logged into Ravelry, had a dig around, and managed to find myself a pattern called Knitted Patchwork Blanket by Martine Ellis. This pattern uses leftover sock yarn to create cute little diagonal squares!

Ok, so you might be think, "but Charly, you already have your Beekeeper's Quilt waiting to be finished," and you'd be right... but...(quick pause while I think of an excuse for casting on another project) ...but...I don't have any stuffing for my hexipuffs! So, I can't kit anymore until I get more stuffing (lame excuse, but hey, it works in my mind!)

So, back to the blanket, I am making it for my lovely dog, Lilo, as she loves to cuddle up in a blanket and she doesn't have one of her own yet (shocking! bad knitter). As I said, I am using sock yarns from my stash to knit it, and I am really liking how it is turning out!

I am using 2.75mm bamboo needles (which I bought in a 11 piece set for £3 - bargain!), so each square measures about 2x2 inches. This project is going to last a little while, which is great because I'm really enjoying working on it. It is great for when I'm not feeling well enough to follow a pattern!

The project I have been working on ferociously this week is my Leaf on the Wind socks (which I briefly mentioned yesterday). These are for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous May 2014 KAL, and the category I chose to knit was Flora & Fauna. I instantly fell in love with this pattern by Purrlescent, and casted it on straight away. It is a toe-up pattern, which I must admit frightened me a little bit, but it turns out knitting toe-up is really simple.

I love the leaf lace pattern that grows up the foot and eventually swirls around the leg. Knitting these has proved to be a great aid in taking my mind off of my pain, so I will definitely be knitting more lace socks in the future.

This morning I finished sock 1, and after I've published this post I'll get stuck into casting on the second one. I don't want to develop Second Sock Syndrome with these beauties.

I am using Stylecraft Life 4ply in Aqua, which is a wonderful budge yarn I have plenty of in my stash! I am knitting these for my Mum, and she doesn't know it yet, but she has been helping me with the colour choice and fit the entire time! So hopefully they will be a perfect fit for her. I won't show you what the finished sock looks like yet, you'll have to wait until I've finished the pair... (oh, the suspense), but this is what it looked like halfway up the leg!

So, that is it from me this week! If you want some more WIP Wednesday fun, why don't you check out these other posts by wonderful knitters and crocheters around the world!

Until tomorrow, then, my lovelies. Have a great day! x

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