Sunday, 18 May 2014

Looking Back, Looking Forward

a little note from Future Charlotte: This post was written on my "rebound blog", when I thought I could be all fancy and have a proper website. Long story short: running a website is expensive, time consuming, and I just couldn't do it! After a little bit of grovelling, myblogger allowed me to come back - phew! So, just as a warning, this post might reference and link to said rebound blog, and you can click here to check it out if you so desire. Now, I'm going to hand you back to Past Charlotte...

I was unable to take part in Knitting & Crochet Blogging Week last year, due to family circumstances, and I was absoloutely gutted. KCBW is the highlight of the blogging year, in my opinion, and not being able to take part was highly disappointing. Later in the year, though, I will complete last years topics, so I can at least say I did it, despite being a year late.

So, let's have a look at the coming year for An Accidental Knitter. When I write Year 6's version of this post, I hope my crafting will have improved ten-fold. I tend to be drawn towards smaller projects, such as hats, socks, etc, so next year I hope that I will have several large projects completed. Such as shawls and cardigans.

My Nelumbo shawl, blog post coming soon. 

In terms of skills, I'm hoping to learn how to do Entrelac and improve my Intarsia (which, to be rather blunt, sucks at the moment). With those skills in mind, over the coming year I'd love to make Entrelac Socks and Stitch Surfer Socks (I love making socks, did you know that?).

There are a few things in my Ravelry queue I would love to finally make this year, the first being Birchwood Mitts by our host of the week, Mimi Hill (A.K.A - Eskimimi Knits). I've been pining (no pun intended) to knit these ever since they were released, and this year I'm finally going to get myself organised and make them

With FROZEN taking over the life of my myself and my nieces, making these awesome Elsa & Anna dolls is a must. They would be a perfect addition to the Toy Box when Tilly & Daisy come to play. As I am a huge Disney fan, I'd love a FROZEN item for myself, and that will come in the form of Princess Anna's mittens, from the movie. I'm really looking forward to wearing them this winter.

When it comes to the blog, I feel like I've already made a lot of progress this year. I have a shiny new website, which I love. It feels so much cleaner, and having such a nice space inspires me to log in everyday and write.

My eventual goal is to blog every single day, whether I will reach that this year, or next, I'm not sure. But I'm going to work as hard as I can to achieve it. Once I get a new computer (this one is very old and broken now, it doesn't allow me to do much at all), I will be able to ge myself back into Podcasting & YouTubing. I am most excited for the latter, to be honest. I have to so many ideas for blogs, comedy sketches, tutorials, etc, all to do with knitting and crochet, I can't wait to share them with you all.

So, in conclusion then, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Mimi for hosting this wonderful week once again. I can't tell you have much I appreciate the work you put in to create such a fun experience for us all. I'm so pleased I was able to take part, and I hope that I never miss a year again! I'm sad that it is drawing to a close already, but I have learnt so much this week, and been struck with so many blog post ideas for the upcoming weeks.

Thank you again, Mimi! And I will see you all at the same time tomorrow morning.

In this, the final post of blogging week, I was tasked to look back on the past
year, and to write my hopes and dreams for the year to come. This is what I came up with.

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