Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Conversation Between Needles & Their Owner

a little note from Future Charlotte: This post was written on my "rebound blog", when I thought I could be all fancy and have a proper website. Long story short - running a website is expensive and time consuming, and I just couldn't do it. After a little bit of grovelling, my blogger allowed me to come back - phew! So, just a warning, this post might reference & link to said rebound blog, and you can click here to check it out if you so desire. Now, I'm going to hand back to past Charlotte. 

"HI! We are the KnitPro Spectra Trendz Interchangeable Needle Set that our knitter, Charly, got given last summer. She had been wanting us for a long time, as she has a lot of pain in her hands now, and she finds us lovely and warm to hold which means she can knit for longer! Another plus is that we are so BRIGHT and CHEERFUL, we really command a presence in the room. We are often told, though, that we are quite loud to be around. Charly doesn't mind though, so that's all that matters."

"Oh, here comes Charly now!"

"Hi Charly!"

"Oh, hi guys. What are you doing out of the drawer?"

"We miss you Charly... we want you to play with us!"

"I'm sorry guys, I can't at the moment. I'm trying to knit a huge lace shawl, and I'm afraid I already chose a different set of needles."

"Ugh! You aren't using those Addi Clicks Lace needles, are you?!"

"Well, yes I am actually..."

"But why?!" They're such snooty noodles. They parade around the drawer as if they own the place, and they such posh accents, they talk as if they're the royal family!"

"They are posh needles, though... Have you seen how expensive they are to buy?"

"Oh, yes. It is all they ever talk about, 'Oooh we're so luxurious, we cost £100 to buy brand new. Oooooh.' Why are you using them anyway?"

"Well, it is a large lace project, and that is what those needles are designed for, so..."

"Oh, so we're not posh enough for you, eh?!"

"Oh, c'mon guys, you know perfectly well that you are my favourite! But, you're just not as well trained as the Addi's to knit lace, that's all!"

"Perhaps we would be 'as well trained', if you didn't keep breaking us!"
"Those were both accidents! I would never harm you maliciously! ... Okay, you guys are perfectly right, you need training n the art of lace, why don't I switch you with the Addi needles?"

"YAY! Oh, thank you Charly!"

"You're welcome, but you guys need to keep quiet, as I want to finish reading The Fault in Our Stars!"

"So, this afternoon, Charly switched us with the Addi Clicks Lace (you should have seen their snooty little faces, it was a picture to behold!) and we listened to an audiobook as we knitted away. Charly ended up weeping into her knitting, as "the book was so beautiful, and said", so we comforted her."

"Today was a good day."

This post was apart of KCBW2014. Today I was given the task
of writing a conversation between myself and one of my tools. This
is what I came up with.

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