Friday, 1 March 2013

Would You Like a BonBon?

I've been so busy casting on projects lately that I don't actually remember the last time I finished something. This week though, I finally have something to show you! :D

Last week my friend bought me a pile of vintage (and modern) patterns, which I will show you next week, there are some lovely patterns! So because she got me such a thoughtful gift, I thought the best way to say thank you would be by knitting her something.

It's still pretty cold here at the moment, so I thought I'd make her a pair of gloves. I wanted to try something new with this project, so I thought I would give my first thumb gusset a go. I can't believe this was the first time I've knitted mittens in the round, I always thought knitting flat and seaming was the easiest way to do it. How wrong I was!

The pattern I chose was BonBons by Susanna IC. I was going to use a different pattern and DK yarn but my stash is running thin for DK, I have plenty of Sock yarn though, which is why I chose this lovely pattern.

The stitch used is Eyelet Mock Cable, a really simple stitch pattern that I've used in a few of my own designs (Twisted Sister, and the other is to be published soon). No cabling is required, you just twist stitches and use yarn overs, which makes it a great substitute if you're not a fan of/never tried cabling.

I really enjoyed knitting these, I didn't want to finish actually. The yarn I used is RICO Design Superba Chinée, a yarn I got given a few years ago by my Nan. It was originally for my first pair of socks, but I didn't like them so they got frogged. And since Amy is more of a Tom-boy, I thought a dark purple would suit her tastes. It's not the nicest yarn I've ever worked with and I doubt I'd buy it again, but I did like the end result!

Thumb gussets were so simple, I'm not sure why I thought they were so complicated. I whipped each mitten in a few of hours, but it was spread over the course of a few days.

Knitting these mitts has inspired me to do my first "in the round" mitten pattern, which I've already designed and look forward to knitting it up soon. I think it'll be my best pattern yet, if it works, and I can't wait to show you :D

Head on over to Tami's for some FO goodness, and I hope you have a lovely weekend :) x

3 thoughts:

  1. Beautiful mitts, the purple is a great choice

  2. nice mitts!! I love making cables, but I'll have to try this mock cabling, as a way to save yarn, perhaps.

  3. i want!!! hmm.....cabling on my next i ready for cabling I wonder?


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