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The Knitted Bookworm: An Interview With Alex Scarrow

I was introduced to an awesome series of books called 'TimeRiders', by my best friend. We both became immediately obsessed with the series, and have bought every single book. Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity of interviewing the author, Alex Scarrow. I, as you can imagine, was completely starstruck and unable to think of any questions. Fortunately, with the help of my best friend and my cousin, we cobbled together 10 questions. Here is how the interview played out...

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, how would you explain TimeRiders?

Alex Scarrow 
Alex - "TimeRiders is about three teenagers who get 'extracted' from their lives just seconds before they were due to die. In this way they become recruited by a secret agency who's task is to prevent incidents of time travel from derailing the 'correct' timeline."

How did you get the idea for TimeRiders?

Alex - "TimeRiders was an amalgamation of a number of computer game ideas I came up with while working in the games industry. It's also something I've always wanted to write - a time travel saga."

Personally, my favourite book is 'The Gates of Rome', which one did you enjoy writing the most?

Alex - "That's a really tough question. Usually my favourite book is the one I'm currently writing, as the series arc is furthest along and we're much closer to all the big questions being answered. That said, I think there'll always be a special place in my heart for the first book,as that's where we first meet Liam, Maddy and Sal."

How do you decide what moment in history or historical event you're going to cover in your books?

Alex - They're all periods of history that I find the most interesting, and know the most about. I decided from the get-go that I wasn't going to stray into periods of history I didn't know that much about, simply because it would mean having to bone up about the period before I could decide whether there was a cool story that could be placed there."

How much research do you have to do before you start writing about an era or particular period in time?

Alex - A fair bit. I like to refresh my memory and read around a period of time for several months before I start the book that's set there. Then, as I'm writing, I'm constantly having to dip into books to find the correct terminology for things and places, and tap into the atmosphere of the time."

Could you say you are now an expert in the laws of time travel?

Alex - NO! I'm no physicist. I'm just a writer of fiction. And for that reason I decided to stay well away from any detailed explanation of how time travel works. In truth, it doesn't work. Time travel BACKWARDS is simply, theoretically impossible. So, trying to come up with loads of sciencey sounding mumbo jumbo is a rather pointless exercise. It's fiction. And to that end, what little I say about the 'science' is enough for the reader to feel it's legitimate. I'd rather spend the word count on the advaneture itself."

How on earth do you write such great books, so fast?

Alex - The entire series was plotted out in great detail. I'd say it took me a couple of years to get the complete series mapped out. Which means when I sit down to write each book, I'm pretty clear on how each chapter will go, which allows me to write fast."

If TimeRiders was to be made into a film, who would be your choice to play the main characters?

Alex - "Argghh! So hard to answer that one! I do have actors I'd love to have played the roles when they were younger. For example, there's an actor who's in his fifities now who would have been perfect for Liam thirty-five years ago. His name is Mathew Broderick. If you've ever seen the 80's film 'WARGAMES' you'll see my point."

If you had to live in any other period of time other than our own, which would you choose, and why?

Alex - "I think I would love to have lived in the early 1800s when America was still one vast unexplored wilderness. I'd have loved to have been one of the settlers travelling across those vast wild plains and discovering that continent for the first time."

Would we be allowed a sneak peak excerpt from book 8? Or maybe a clue as to what is going to happen next?

Alex - "I can tell you it's called 'THE MAYAN PROPHECY', which I think gives quite a lot away. I'll have to be tight-fisted though and tell you no more, otherwise my publishers will send a hit squad of support units round to my house to take me out!"

Is there anything in the pipeline after TimeRiders finishes? 

Alex - "Glad you asked ;-) Yes. I've just recently launced the first three volumes in a new series called 'ELLIE QUIN'. It's about a girl who thinks she's quite ordinary, even a little bit boring, who finds there's something in her that might change the curse of all of humankind! It's set in the far future, in a universe that mankind has spread out into and settled. And it's a crazy place. It's a colourful fun universe full of cool things, gadgets, gizmos. For example, there's this nail polish the kids use, that when you've painted it on and it's dried - you can watch TV on! A channel for each finger! I love coming up with funky stuff like that. If you're interested it's currently ONLY available through Amazon either as an eBook, or you can buy a print copyfrom them.

I am currently reading the latest book in the series, TimeRiders: The Pirate Kings (Book 7).I am well over half way through, and I am loving it. I think it is well on its way to becoming my favourite book of the series. I won't reveal anything about what happens in the book, just in case you are thinking of starting the series. What I will say, though, is that you begin to see some more plot twists develop, and you get to spend most of the book with Liam (my favourite character!).

Huge thanks to Alex for allowing me this interview, and letting us delve into the world of a published writer! Right now I'm going to cuddle up with my Kindle, and finish The Pirate King (book 7). I hope you all have a lovely day! :)

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