Saturday, 16 February 2013

Spring is Coming

I took this last year at Kit Hill, a lovely walk just minutes away
from my house (by car).  
Here in the northern hemisphere, we are just weeks away from the arrival of Spring. Despite it not officially being Spring, I can already see small yellow buds preparing to burst open, and occasionally, I even see the Sun peeping behind thick, greyish clouds.

So, what does the looming arrival of Spring mean to us knitters and crocheters? For me, anyway, it means that I can swap Gloves for Fingerless Mittens, thick worsted cowls for DK scarfs, chunky cabled pullovers for lighter jumpers, and of course, see cute pictures of baby lambs on the internet.

The start of a new season can be exciting for all us crafters, it means new projects and patterns, and new fashions to draw inspiration from. Finding patterns, yarns, colours you want to use, and working out what knits you need to pull out of the wardrobe all take a lot of time and effort. So, every week from now until March 18th (two days prior to the official start of spring) I'll be blogging about the following topics:

  • Colours of Spring 
  • This Spring's Hot Trends
  • Knits You'll Need in Your Wardrobe This Spring
  • Spring Knits You Need on Your Needles
  • Spring Crochet You Need on Your Hook
  • My Spring Knitting Plans
Hopefully, these 6 posts will help you get ready for spring that little bit quicker, and maybe even help the organisational process become less painful!

On the final post, 'My Spring Knitting Plans', I will hold a Mr. Linky, so you can share your blog posts about your Spring Knitting Plans! I'll also be holding a pattern giveaway for one lucky partaker (who will be chosen at random)! 

Pop on over next Saturday, then, for the first post in the series: Colours of Spring, where I'll be showing you colour palettes of both traditional and modern colours to use for your 2013 spring knitting! 

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