Tuesday, 5 February 2013

One WIP, Two WIP, Cast on Some More.

Look to your right. 

Now look down.

Keep going.

Woah, woah. Stop. Back up. 

Well done, you're there. 

You see those progress bars?

Yes, there is more than one, keeping scrolling down.

Keep scrolling.

Keep scrolling.

That's right, I have 9 WIPs. NINE!

And that is just on my Ravelry Notebook, I have more WIPs nested in bags, and baskets all over the house. I have 5 new patterns on the needles, and I also have some boot cuffs in progress somewhere, which brings our grand total to 16.

Good gracious.

Ok, lets try and break all of this down, so I have an excuse explanation of why I have so many WIPs. 

First off, Mother's Favourite, which I started back in Sept '11, is no longer my project. I've been teaching my youngest sister, Rizzle, to knit, and she has taken this blanket hostage. I am thinking of no longer listing this as a 'WIP' on my notebook, as technically it is no longer mine, despite me knitting more than half of it. I shall put it in 'hibernation', then when it is finished, I can list it as an FO. 

Ok, now that makes 15 WIPs.

Most of these WIPs are almost finished, especially the patterns I'm writing. The Little Mix headband, is just in need of a few more rows, and my Mock Turtle French Press Cozy is just in need of button bands and buttons. I will work my hardest to get these two projects finished and out of the way, they have both been sat there since last May, and I have just been too lazy to sit and finish them! Once I've dug out my notes, and written the PDFs, the headband should be available for free, and the french press cozy available for sale, by the weekend! :D

I also have a fingerless mitten/armwarmer pattern I'm working on, dedicated to my (completely awesome), Aunty Helen. I will be doing a few testers of this pattern, so I don't expect it to be written up and published for a while yet... but here is a sneak preview to wet your appetite.  

I have three blankets on the go now: the Beekeeper's quilt, my Jelly Bean Blanket, and the Seven Seas Blanket. The first two, are both long term projects. I hope to have a decent sized quilt made of squishy hexipuffs by the time I reach 21, that is in 2 and a half years time. The Jelly Bean Blanket, I hope to have finished in a year or two. I want it to be big. Something large and comfy, and completely crazy, that I can wrap myself up in for many winters to come. As for the Mother's Seven Seas Blanket, well I hope to have that finished by the summer, or at the very latest, October. I shouldn't procastinate with it really, if I put my head down and worked, it would take 12 days to finish. That doesn't seem so bad, does it? Considering it has the width of the Atlanic. 

Then I come to the three cardigans I'm making. One newborn raglan, in the form of the Kanoko Baby Cardigan, I only have the arms to finish on this project, and then add a few buttons. I could have had this finished weeks ago if I'd only stopped procrastinating! Then I have Daisy's 'Helena' lace raglan, I have almost finished the lace panel. I haven't worked on it for a while, but am being a good girl and trying to get the body finished today. Finally, we have Tilly's 'Hallows Cardigan', that is almost finished, too. I have the sleeves to knit, and the collar/button band. I've been putting off finishing it, as once I am done I will have the awful task of seaming it up. And I assure you, it will look awful once I'm finished with it.

The moral of this story is, procrastination is not your friend. Sure you get more time to read your favourite book, and have the enjoyment of casting on a new project, but it will come and bite you in the bum. Hard.

I've learnt that I need to finish what I've started. Last night, while home alone and bored out of my mind, I managed to stop myself from casting on a sparkly lace hat. I haven't had the nerve to put the needles, yarn, and pattern away yet though.

If you have been so amazing as to read this far, thank you. Here's a cookie.

4 thoughts:

  1. Yes, finishing is sometimes the hardest part!

  2. Yum cookie!!

    My wip pile has turned into a huge monster and um... I cast on something new this morning. Well you know what? TECHNICALLY I didn't cast anything on because it's crochet. Muahahahahah!

  3. Ooooh cookie! I have quite a few WIPs too, although like you I am making myself finish a few before I start more

  4. I get you. It's so hard not to cast something new on.


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