Monday, 4 February 2013

New Pattern: Abstract Washcloth

Sunday afternoon I suddenly felt like designing a washcloth, inspired by a painting I had done a few years ago, I created the Abstract Washcloth.

It took about two hours to knit - and that included designing time! So you can imagine how quick this little washcloth is to make.

You can buy the washcloth pattern PDF for £1 from my ravelry store, but if you're not a ravelry member, you can buy the pattern here!

You could make blanket squares from this pattern, by sizing up to 4.5mm needles. If you knitted one of these squares once a week, by the end of the year you would have a lovely sized blanket! Once seamed together, you could copy the white & orange borders, and you would have a fantastic abstract blanket!!

I can see a few more patterns being released over the course of the month, including a French Press Cozy, a hairband, a blanket square, and perhaps another washcloth or two ;)

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  1. That's very cute. There are so many possibilities for color combinations.


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