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Jane Austen Knits

I am on a Jane Austen binge at the moment, I just can't seem to get enough of her books (and the film/tv adaptions!). So, I thought it would be rather fitting if I shared you with you some Jane Austen inspired patterns found on Ravelry.

© Cabin Fever

Every woman in the Regency era would have owned a plain shawl, even Jane Austen! The Jane Austen Shawl by Lynda Gemmell is created by holding two strands of Bulky yarn together and combined with the fact that it is mostly garter stitch, makes it an incredibly fast knit.

I happen to be reading Persuasion, and strangely enough most of the patterns I found today were inspired by that very book! My favourite has to be Anne Elliot's Fichu by Bethany Hick.

Yes, I know exactly what you're thinking, "what on earth is a Fichu?" Well, let me explain.

A Fichu is a large linen (or muslin, sometimes even silk!), square kerchief that was worn by women in the later part of the 1700s (18th century). Like the kerchiefs we wear today, the Fichu was folded into a triangle, then worn about the neck. One photo couldn't do this pattern justice, you need to see the intricate lace details.

© Christa Tippmann, Jane Austen Knits
© Christa Tippmann, Jane Austen Knits
The construction of this pattern is very interesting, you knit the center square flat, and then pick up the stitches surrounding the center square and continue in the round! I would love to make this, but its size, and the fact that it is mostly lace, means that it has the same chance of being knitted as I have of becoming the sixth, and only female member, of One Direction.

Our next Persuasion inspired knit, is UpperCross by Healtherly Walker. Uppercross,, for those who haven't yet read the novel, is the Musgrove's place of residence (the Anne's sister's in laws) This has more of a modern twist then the rest of our featured patterns, especially if knitted up in bright colours like the show knit. 

© YarnYenta
This pattern is available in an Austentatious Knitting e-book by Healtherly Walker, one of the included patterns is 'Elinor's Gloves'.

© YarnYenta
In the 2008 TV Series adaption of Sense & Sensibility by the BBC, Marianne is worrying about what to wear when she sees the charming Mr Willoughby at a ball, as she has nothing new to wear. Elinor allows Marianne to wear her yellow gloves with Marianne's old red dress, and this is the scene in which this pattern was inspired. I love these gloves, and will definitely make myself a pair (or two!) this year :)

© Christa Tippmann, Jane Austen Knits
This next pattern combines my love of Austen and baby knitting and the end result is the Beloved Baby Bonnet by Kathleen Sperling. The pattern was inspired by this scene in Jane Austen's Emma:

Mrs. Weston, with her baby on her knee, indulging in such reflections as these, was one of the happiest women in the world. If any thing could increase her delight, it was perceiving that the baby would have soon outgrown its first set of caps.

I remember reading that quote the first time I read Emma, smiling, then imagining my youngest niece in Regency style knitted caps, and wishing there was a pattern for such a thing. Now there is - huzzah!

by DigknittyDesignr  Flickr
Most of the patterns I've shown you today are large, time consuming, and lace ridden. If you're in need of a Jane Austen quick knit, I have the perfect pattern for you. I give you, I Love Jane Austen washcloth by Lisa Millan. I am definitely making this, my best friend Molly would love it! 

© litfoh

The final pattern I want to show you, is my all time favourite. The Chawton Mittens by Anne Blayney, is a stunning pattern featuring Regency silhouettes of a young lady and a fine gentleman in front of a Regency wallpaper background. Yes, these mittens would probably take you forever, but you can agree that all that work would be very much worth it! I will certainly make these for my best friend Molly when I can get the guts to attempt all that colourwork.

So, I hope you enjoyed this compilation of Austen inspired knits, these are not the only ones you can find on Ravelry, you can find loads more here!

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  1. I just finished reading Persuasion yesterday and I loved it - ladies, you ought to read this! Honestly! As well as Pride and Prejudice of course.

    Have you seen the movie Persuasion, Charlie? If you haven't you should, even though it is not exactly like the book it is a wonderful film. No one needs persuasion to watch it, when you know that Rupert Penry-Jones plays the part of Frederick Wentworth *wink*

    The book I finished yesterday, I popped it into my swap bag that is full of (knitting) magazines and books - for my knitting friend who is coming over this Friday.

    You enjoy your reading, love, Fleur

  2. Now I want to knit that fichu ! Jane Austen is a great inspiration.


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