Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Year of the Cardigan: The Start of a Big Challenge

I've been knitting for two years now, and although I try and set myself new challenges, they're never ones that really stretch my skills as a knitter. So, this year, 2013, I thought I would set myself a big challenge.

You all know how much I detest cardigan knitting. I've tried to cure this over the years by knitting both seamed and seamless cardigans, but I still hate making them. I'm not very good at sewing up, or picking up stitches for collars or button bands, so I thought doing a cardigan themed challenge would really stretch my knitting abilities.

I've never made a jumper, so I thought I would add Jumpers/Sweaters into the mix as well! I have chosen to do 6 knits over the course of the year, which means I have two months to complete each project. If I manage to do finish every single project on the list, the prize to myself will be a hand dyed skein of yarn :D

In no particular order, here is the Year of the Cardigan project list!

For Daisy: This raglan lace cardigan will be for my youngest niece, Daisy. The pattern I have chosen is 'Helena by Alison Green Will.' The yarn I will use is Peter Pan DK by Wendy, in Purple (3003), and I will use up to 4 skeins of yarn as I am knitting the 2 years size.

For Tilly: This seamed cable cardigan is for my eldest niece, Tilly. I am making Tilly the 'Hallows Cardigan by Melissa Metzbower.' The pattern does look more of a guy knit, but I have seen others knit it in pinks and it looks very feminine! I decided to knit it with Stylecraft Special Aran in Fondant (1241), and I would use 4 skeins as I am knitting the 6/8 years size.

For Molly: Like me, my best friend Molly loves 1950s style clothes so I decided to make her 'Peggy Sue by Linda Wilgus'. Molly looks gorgeous in dark purple, so I am using Stylecraft Special DK in Emperor (1425), and I would use 3 skeins as I am knitting the Medium size.

For Me: My cardigan is going to be 'The Inspired Cardigan by MayaB', as I am really into retro knits! One of my best colours to wear is red, so I will be using King Cole Pricewise DK in Red (009). I'm not sure on the quantities I need until I purchase the pattern.

For Abby: For my best friend Abby, I'll be making 'Julissa by Vanessa Smith'. It'll be my first jumper, so I'm looking forward to knitting it. Abby looks fab in dusty/pale pink, so I chose to use James C. Brett Top Value DK in 22 colourway (it's a pale pink). I think I'll need about 5 or 6 skeins.

Knit 5: Don't know what to make, or who to make it for yet!

I have already started Daisy's cardigan! I'm onto the lace panel now, and it is coming along slowly. You can check out how I'm coming along on the ravelry project page, but I'll be doing a proper post all about the cardigan tomorrow for WIP Wednesday :)

I'm really looking forward to this big challenge, even if I still hate cardigan knitting by the end of the year, I will have gained more skill at making them. You can check out the blog page for updates on how the challenge is coming along. 

Have you set yourself a big challenge for 2013?

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  1. ooh very cute cardigans, they are all so pretty and well done on having such a great goal. I am going to be starting a sweater in the next few months - I've chosen Owls, and I'm already scared!!! have a knitty tuesdayxx


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