Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Blanket of Doom Makes a Sudden Appearance...

If you popped round yesterday, you'll know about the big challenge I set myself for this year! I am going to knit 4 (dreaded) cardigans, a jumper (I picked lace for my first one, was that such a wise idea?!), and a sleeveless tunic for myself.

My first 'Year of the Cardigan' project, is Helena by Alison Green Will. A gorgeous little lace raglan pattern, I couldn't help but make it for my niece Daisy. I am making it in Peter Pan DK by Wendy, in Purple. I completely forgot until halfway through knitting it, that I used the exact same yarn for her last cardigan - doh! Ah well, she has grown out of her last one so here is the replacement.

This is my third raglan, (although I still haven't finished the second, oops...), and I can't emphasis how much easier top-down is than seamed patterns!

There isn't much I can really talk to you about; the construction is simple, and rather than increasing with KFB for the raglan sleeves, you do YOs with create a lovely lace effect.

I've put the arm stitches onto waste yarn, and have managed to reach the lace panel on the hem. I've not had much knitting time the past couple of days, so I've just been able to do a row or two of the lace. So, despite it being Wednesday (day 5), I'm only just halfway through the lace panel.

Remember the blanket of doom? Yes, well there has been a *little* progress...

I've finished the moss stitch stripe and managed to do one and a half stockinette stripes since I last showed you! I've gotten a little faster, which means the 200cm wide rows are now only taking 15 minutes on RS & WS rows. Only have 5 more skeins of yarn to go 'til I'm finished, *sigh*

Part (*smirk* there is going to be more!!) of my payment for knitting this monstrosity was that Mum bought me the yarn for Tilly's cable cardigan, and Molly's retro cardigan. Both of which you can see the details of on The Year of the Cardigan page :)

We ordered the yarn Tuesday evening, so hopefully my squishy package should be here either tomorrow or Friday! I really want this cardigan finished by Saturday, so I can start a new week with a new project! I'm going to start with Tilly's Hallow's Cardigan, as I would like to take a break from raglans and do some seamed work! (plus I'm looking forward to knitting with very girly pink yarn ;) )

Well, that is my update for this week! If you want to check out some more WIPs, head on over to the lovely Tami's for WIP Wednesday :)

3 thoughts:

  1. Such a sweet cardigan. Good for you on the blanket. It will get there.

  2. Ohhhhh half a panel in 5 days - I think that's awesome progress!!!!!

  3. I really do like that sparkly yarn.


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