Friday, 25 January 2013

My First KAL

Back in December, Sally from Wool Diaries, suggested we do an Instagram KAL. I've never taken part in a KAL before, so I was really keen to have a go!

The pattern that was decided on, was 22.5 Degrees by Martina Behm. A lovely, plain, garter stitch kerchief.

It took a lot of self-control to not cast-it on before the start date, but at midnight on Jan 1st 2013, I was finally allowed to cast on.

I chose to make this an ombré kerchief using King Cole Galaxy DK Yarn, so I started with Mars, which is a light grey/grey striped yarn, I then moved onto Jupiter, which was a grey/black striped skein, and then finally I would finish it in Venus, the plain black colour.

I used half a needle size larger than the yarn should be knitted with, so that the kerchief would have a slight lacy drape and feel to it.

When I joined the skein of Jupiter in, I was worried that the black was too much of a contrast, but my lovely instagram followers urged me to continue.

Finally I got to the long rows, and this was the low point of the project. I hate it when yarn doesn't go into perfect stripes on GS, as you tend to get your GS row split into half, a black side for example, and a grey side. So, I did almost stop and rip the entire project out at one point, but I then realized that who really cares if it doesn't stripe perfectly? This isn't shop bought, its handmade. With that point made, I carried on.

I reached the scallop edge, which took forever. In hindsight, I shouldn't have chosen black as my ending colour, it meant that it was really difficult to not only create the scallops (which were actually very easy to make) as you couldn't see where you were meant to put the needle, but when finished, you couldn't see the scallops unless you pressed your eyeballs right up close.

me being lazy and taking FO pictures without weaving in the ends...

Personally, I'm not a big fan on how it turned out. Fortunately though, it isn't going to be mine. Either my best friend Abby or little sister Rizzle will get to call it there own.

I did though, love taking part in the KAL. It was great to see everyone else's interpretation of the pattern, and some turned out really beautiful. I would love to take part in another later on in the year :)

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  1. It's beautiful and with a bit of sparkle to


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