Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Learn to Knit: The Basics

Yesterday afternoon I took out an hour of my day to start my new project, 'Learn to Knit with An Accidental Knitter'. (hopefully) Every week, I will post one or more video knitting tutorials! This week I have concentrated on the basics, perfect if you are starting out knitting :)

Please excuse my odd English accent, I was born in Cheshire but have lived all around the British Isles so I have quite a muddled accent. I really hope you can understand what I'm saying :P

Here is how to Cast On...

Here is how to Knit...

Here is how to Cast Off...

And finally, here is how to Purl!

We did get a few funny outtakes from yesterdays's filming session, but here is one of my favorites, starring my little sister Rizzle (or who I am now going to call... The Attacker - watch the video to understand what I mean...)

I have created a page on the blog called 'Learn to Knit with An Accidental Knitter!', where you will find links to all my knitting tutorials! :) If there are any knitting techniques you would like to see, please leave your request in the comments section, thanks :D


Even if you already know how to knit, would you mind having a quick watch of them and telling me what you think? Whether I did something wrong, didn't make something clear etc? Thank you very much!

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