Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Launch of the Online Knitting Club

Hi all, I have something new and exciting to share with you today :D

My big sis recently got me a webcam (yay), and it got me thinking, why not start our very own Online Knitting Club?!

I myself would love to go to a knitting club, but due to my health and caring for my sister I'm not able to. I know a lot of you have families, full time jobs, or chronic illnesses like myself that make you unable to go out and join in with your local group.

So now, I have the solution, an online knitting club! Now, this is going to take a lot of organisation (on my part) and discussion (which is where you come in), as to when and what time we do this.

So, what would this knitting club entail?

Each knitting club meetup will have 10 lovely people in it. The Flying Needles Knitting Club is a place for us all to share what we are knitting (or crocheting! crocheters are invited to come too!), talk about patterns, or just have a little banter between ourselves. It would also be great if you could bring your current WIP with you and we can all knit a long together while we talk.

This will be a great way for me and my readers, fellow bloggers and lovely crafters to meet up. A lot of us are spread around the globe, so we are unlikely to ever meet in real life *sad face*, but by using technology to our advantage, we can meet through the computer!

So here is how it'll work.

Step One
I will release dates and times for the next months knitting club meetup dates. (for ex. first dates I will be releasing are in February)

Step Two
If you find yourself able to meetup with us on one of the dates, great! Send me an email to anaccidentalknitter@gmail.com and ask to be put on the waiting list for your chosen date.
(This will be a Google+ Hangout, so please make sure you email me with your gmail address! And also please make sure you have Google+ enabled on your account)

The Terms & Conditions...

At the moment, Google+ can only hold up to 10 people, including myself. So each date will have 9 slots. The first 9 people who email me for each dates will be chosen, and I will send those chosen 9 an invite for the hangout.

If you have been chosen for a date and aren't able to make it for any reason, please email me straight away. This will mean someone else can take your place.

If you aren't chosen for either of those months dates, I am really sorry. I will write your name down, so if you weren't chosen for the previous months dates, you will be top of the list for the next months club dates (but only if you request this!)

If the club does prove popular, I will include more dates every month.

There may be the odd occasion where the knitting club may be suddenly cancelled for a particular date, but if that is the case, I will try my hardest to either find someone else to host it for that date and time, or re-schedule for another time in the month.

Important: If you are joining in the club, please make sure you don't swear, or use offensive language, as we don't want anyone getting upset or offended! It would also be great if we could steer clear of topics where conflicting views are involved, such as politics. As the last thing we want is an argument! But I know that since you're all so lovely we won't have problems like that! :)

Other exciting things...

If the club does prove to be popular, I will look into hosting special club KALs/CALs. If you are designer who would like to provide a discount for your pattern to all those in the knitting club, or you are a yarn dyer who would like to provide a discount for those in the knitting club towards a skein of yarn, or you would like to dye a limited edition colour specifically for our KAL/CAL, please contact me at anaccidentalknitter@gmail.com

Dates & Times

At the moment I am thinking of hosting the first club in February on these dates:

Saturday 2nd February (2013) at 3pm GMT (London, England time)


Wednesday 27th February (2013) at 7pm GMT (London, England time)

I'm hoping these dates are suitable for many of you, but if they aren't, would you mind commenting below on days of the week & times you would be available? (don't forget to include your timezone) That way I can move the dates and times around so more of you are able to take part.

In Conclusion...
I'm really excited about this club being launched, and I do hope it takes off :) Eventually it would be awesome if we had one a week! I've also got plans of having 'special guests', such as popular yarn dyers and designers.

Thank you all for reading this far, and I would love to hear your feedback on this idea :)

Charly xxx

5 thoughts:

  1. YAY :) Another online group! I tried getting iYarny going last year and I must admit, its hard getting folks together. I ended up doing a Rav forum for the group just to have ongoing communications rather than just waiting for the webcam slot once a week.

    Good luck!

  2. aww this sounds like a wonderful idea - i hope it goes well for you. I have taken nearly a year break from my knitting club because of my illness but I'm ready to go back. Good Luck xx

  3. What a fun idea. I'd love to try and join in but the time difference might prove a little iffy. Still, good luck with this great project!

  4. Oh that sounds fantastic! There aren't really any knitting clubs near me and I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to go as my knitting skills are still very basic. I don't think I'll be able to manage those times as I'd almost certainly be joined on screen by small people who think its obligatory to wave toys in front of the camera! But I would love to know how it goes and will definitely keep an eye out for times that I can do. Xx

  5. Sounds like a great idea. Will have to look at sorting out google + before I can sign up to anything. Would be happy to look at doing a pattern or supporting a KAL for you too


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