Sunday, 2 December 2012


This year, quite a few of the new techniques I've learnt have made an impact. None so big though, as knitting in the round. I found knitting in the round really hard, heck, it took me almost half an hour to learn the Old-Norwegian Cast On. Then there was the problem of arranging the needles. "This one goes here - no wait. Now I've got it. No. Good grief, how do people even manage to make something with these darn things?!"

Cotton Candy Baby Hat 
I couldn't get the hang of it on my own. I tried 5 DPNs, 4 DPNs, circular needles. I even left it in the corner of a room hoping elves would come and do it for me. Nothing worked. But then, my Nan came to stay with us for a while, she showed me how, and it all made sense.

Once I learnt to tame these savage double pointed needles, I made my first pair of socks. I then went onto making berets, hats, and cowls. Heck, I'm even knitting a top-down cardigan now!

As for the project that has had the biggest expenditure of time, that has got to be the Seven Seas Blanket that I'm making for my Mum. Flippin' humongous thing. I was making really good progress on it, and then guess what. My needles broke. I don't know how, since I was being as gentle as I normally am. Anyway... it was taking me 2-3 days to do just one stripe, and before my needles broke I only managed to do 2 1/2 stripes. Only 5 more stripes left to go, so if I work on it solidly (that means no other projects... boohoo) I'll be finished in 12.5 days.

12 and a half days.

9 days of stocking stitch. Then 3 days of moss stitch.

Don't let anyone, ever, bully you into knitting a blanket (almost) as wide as your bed is long. You'll save them money, and you'll stay sane.

So, that was my rather short, crafty twist on Day 2 of the #reverb12 challenge, 'Your Most Significant Spend'. Pop on over tomorrow for another #reverb12 post :)

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  1. DPNs scare me. I learned using the Magic Loop, and the first few times I did it I was so frustrated...I definitely hoped for elves too!


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