Saturday, 1 December 2012

How I'm Starting December 2012

This month is all about keeping sane.

There are things going on in my life that is making my day-to-day living very difficult, both physically & emotionally. I'm a complete stress head at the moment, but I'm trying my very hardest to come across "calm".

I don't think its working.

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This month, therefore, is all about learning to cope emotionally with my new situation. I'm having my room decorated at the moment, which I think will help a lot. I'll have somewhere peaceful to escape too, and somewhere I can sit and chill out during those lonely hours of the night.

Knitting, I'm afraid to say, isn't helping. I feel awful to say that, since this was the very reason I learnt to knit. I think that it is because it doesn't need all of my attention. It allows my brain to wander, and to dwell on things. At the moment I really need something that focuses my whole attention. Reading, for example, is something I need to get back in to, as it completely transports me to another world. The book, The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw was absolutely amazing. It is a quirky book and is completely different to what I'd normally read, but I completely fell in love with it. I laughed, I cried, and I forgot all my worries. In a way, I felt like the girl with glass feet. I'm fragile, yet I can never let anyone see me like that. I cover myself up, grit my teeth and pretend that everything is OK, when it clearly isn't.

Anyway, that is enough of symbolic chatter.

My older sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit for a couple of weeks this month, and I'm so excited. I can't wait to give her a squeezy hug, watch TV, have our nice long conversations, and just be able to hang out with my much cooler older sister (to any of my three sisters reading, I think you're all just as awesome. I promise. Unless you bake me cookies. Then maybe we'll discuss you going higher up on the list.).

During December I'm also hoping to get out more, so I can just escape for a couple of hours and have some fun!
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This month, I believe  will be my most creative. I want to knit things. Sew things. Paint things. I'm even writing a song.

We want to finish decorating the while house this month, as we've lived here for 3 years now and are dying to getting it looking homely. So, this will mean painting walls and furniture, wallpapering wardrobes (sounds bonkers but it looks awesome. I'll be posting a tutorial soon), sewing bunting, and much, much more. I'm going to be a little busy bee.

And don't worry (although, I'm sure you weren't), I'll be sharing all of my crafty escapades with you! I'm hoping to get a few tutorials done for you as well :)

Well, this post certainly isn't what I normally write about, but I'm taking part in #reverb12, and today's prompt is: 'How are you starting?'. I'll be picking and choosing the prompts I take part in, and the rest of the month will be my normal fibre randomness. So, make sure you pop on over every day during this month for a new post!

2 thoughts:

  1. Although knitting and crochet brings joy to all of us, sometimes it just isn't the comfort we need, and that is ok. Have a great time with your sister, I know that sometimes just sitting with my sister for a while and giggling and chatting for hours, acting like we are 10 not closer to 40, makes all the difference in lifting the spirits. Much love to you.

  2. Chin up chick, positive thoughts and good times with your sisters.
    Look forward to reading and seeing about your crafts


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