Thursday, 8 November 2012

WIP Wednesday, on a Thursday?!

I didn't get chance to blog yesterday due to things happening at home, so today I'm going to share with you my rather late WIP Wednesday post :)

I've been getting problem after problem with my Seven Seas Blanket. First, I felt as if I was going to drown in Moss Stitch. Second, my brand new circular needle snapped. And if that wasn't enough, I went and ordered the wrong cable for my interchangeable needles.

Last year my Nan very kindly gave me her Addi Click Lace interchangeable needle set, as she never used them now she had the Knit Pro Symfonie Wood interchangeable needle set. So when my cable needle broke, I decided to just buy a single cable for my interchangeable needle set, as then I could use them with any of my tips in the future. I didn't check which set I owned until after the cable arrived, which was a really stupid thing to do. I'd only gone and ordered a Knit Pro cable rather than an Addi one! I let out a long UUUUUGHBLAAAAAAH! and looked on the Meadow Yarn website to see if I could exchange the cable.

Turns out you can't buy a 150cm cable for Addi sets (on that particular website anyway, I didn't bother to check anywhere else). So, I decided to see how much the Knit Pro 4mm tips I needed for my cable, would cost. You can buy the Knit Pro Spectra Flair Acrylic tips (4mm)  for £2.50! The coolest part is they come in a funky colour - bright pink! (although in the picture they look purple) I made the decision to buy the Knit Pro tips, as I can slowly build up my own set over time.

As I've been put on bed rest I chose 2nd class delivery, so that I wouldn't have the temptation of working on the blanket. The tips should be here sometime tomorrow, and by then I should be well enough to get a decent amount of work done on the blanket.

Meanwhile I have been whipping up baby knits! You all know too well that I have mini-obsessions, and at the moment it is in the form of ickle baby knits. I've knitted a simple hat, a pair of fast mittens (complete with i-cord), and I am now working on a cabled hat!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just have a desire to work with a particular colour. After I saw Susan's Sweet Dreams Shawl, I have been dieing to knit a black project. I didn't have enough black yarn to make an awesome shawl, or cardigan. I just had enough for a small project, so I decided to combine my current mini-obsession with my black desire, and make a black baby hat.

I chose to knit the hat from the Cabled Baby Hat & Mittens set by Paulina Chin, as it looked like a fun, quick project. I felt that an all-black hat would be too much, so I made the brim white, just to lighten it all up a bit.

Adding the stripe of white was a bit of a silly idea, as the colour change is really messy, but other than that I quite like how it is turning out! When the hat is finished I'll also make the matching mittens! I'm naming my project Footie Set, as the colours remind me of a football (soccer ball) :)

I should finish this today, so remember to come on by tomorrow for FO Friday, where I should have 3 FOs to share with you! :D

2 thoughts:

  1. I hope you feel better soon! (and those needles look gorgeous!)

  2. Very pretty hat! I do like the fancy tips.


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