Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Oh, Bother

Yesterday I showed you the beginning of the Seven Seas Blanket, and last night I finally started to get into it. Typically, just as I get into something, it goes wrong. I was happily knitting away, supping my wine, when I noticed the stitches weren't moving. I looked closer and realised the cable had almost snapped, just hanging on by a small piece of plastic!

Not really knowing what to do (only ever broken 2 straight needles), I wrapped it in sellotape, hoping that it would hold up. It did, for a little while. The moment I put weight on it though, it snapped completely...

I posted a photograph on Instagram, and here are the comments...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was a little annoyed! I'll have to email the seller on eBay & ask for a refund, as they shouldn't be bust within a few hours of using them.

Mother is going to Launceston tomorrow so I rang up the yarn shop there to see if they have the needle I needed, unfortunately they didn't so it meant another look on the internet. I found what I wanted on Loops, but they were going to charger over £3 for delivery! Which is too expensive, so I was forced to look elsewhere. It then dawned on me that I had an Knit Pro interchangeable needle set my Nan gave me! Don't know why I didn't think of it before! 

So, I have ordered a 150cm cable from Meadow Yarn. Postage was a good price, and looking around the shop they seem to have a lot of lovely things! I've always wanted a skein of Zauberball in Coconuts, it has a big yardage and would make an awesome shawl, or a couple of pair of socks!

So, the cable will be here tomorrow (hopefully, I paid for 1st class, but it could be like my Deramores order and take a few days). Meanwhile, I think I'll work on the Cotton Candy Baby Hat for little Zarah, my friend's new baby :)

I'm using leftovers of my Yummy Worsted in Cotton Candy Swirl, by Candy Skein. It won't take me long to finish, so I might whip up a hat for my friend's daughter, Isabelle, using the same pattern as Daisy's hat.

Pop back tomorrow for WIP Wednesday, hopefully I'll be able to show you some progress on the Seven Seas Blanket :)

3 thoughts:

  1. That is so lame! I'm using this example as a justification for all the needles I own and for how I still buy more...
    Luckily you have multiple projects on the go. Attagirl!

  2. Oh no! I've only ever had one needle break-- at the cable join-- and it was a p.i.t.a. to pick up the stitches that got tangled. Hope you have an easier time, and that you love your new needles!


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