Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Letter to Faye

Dear Faye,

No, Mother doesn't knit... she knows the basics, but her knitting is so unique to the world's, she manages to do things to her knitting that I didn't even think were possible (and not in a good way). So, it is best for my mental health (having to sort out her knitting is a real exercise) if she leaves the knitting to me.

"Natalie" won two awards, the Singer & Friedlander 'Second Prize'
in the Adult Category, & also the 'Public Vote' (in 2003 on the Isle of Man)
It was also exhibited in 2004 at the 'Not the Turner Prize' exhibition
in the Mall Galleries, London
She is an artist, though, so is brilliant with colour. One of her paintings, "Natalie", inspired the colours for the blanket she has commissioned me to make for the house (using the Hit the Road pattern that she saw me sending to you, she liked it so much she wanted one herself).

The blanket will actually become a throw, and will be a mammoth project. Each stripe will be a different colour, as we're doing a sort of purple/blue ombre. We start with a Blackberry colour, and work through the different shades of purple (darkest to lightest) then onto the shades of blue ( from lightest to darkest) and I'll end on a Royal Blue stripe.

Yarn should arrive tomorrow, and needles either Saturday or Monday (I had to buy a 120cm circular needle from eBay to accommodate all the stitches, although I think it is going to be a tight squeeze). I'm really looking forward to casting on, as I love the Hit the Road pattern, I've already made two!

I've been trying to finish my current WIPs so that I can just concentrate on the blanket, as I don't want it to end up getting distracted and have it lying around for months waiting for me to finish it. Today I managed to finish Rizzle's Swirling Gauntlets, and the scent pillow I knitted for her. So, that's two WIPs out of the way. I would love to finish Sara's socks over the weekend, but I doubt very much if that will happen, I'll probably be too busy casting on and off the Scallop Lace Hat that has been hiding in my Year of Projects list.

Well, I better finish here...

All the best,


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