Monday, 29 October 2012

The One Where Tink & I Design a Cardigan in Our Sleep

Last night I had a dream that Tink, from a Master of a Thousand Things, and I were designing a pattern together. It was a long sleeved black cardigan, with what I think was either fair isle, or most probably, intarsia Poppies covering the cardigan. I made a point of saying that the Poppies needed to be 'blood red' (why I said that and didn't go with something like Scarlet is beyond me).

We decided to knit the cardigan in parts and sew it up later, rather than knitting it all in one piece. I got started on the back, while Tink had a bash at the fronts. When we'd finished our little section we'd post it to the other to make sure they thought it was okay (as Tink and I live almost 4 hours apart), and whether or not anything needs to be changed.

Flower Power Cardigan by ShopBop
Purchase for £108 / $168
The dream ended with the cardigan actually finished. I had a look online to see if I could find a cardigan which matched the one in my dream, and I found a pretty much perfect match.

I promise you I had never seen this cardigan before in my life! The only thing about the cardigan that was different was that the collar was all black, the flowers were actually poppies, and that for some very strange reason the flowers were blood red.

All this got me thinking though, how much fun would it be to do a design collaboration!

Obviously it'd be best if you both lived near to each other, but I have heard of it working very well over the Internet. I think it'd be great fun! I imagine it would work out like this:

First you'd talk about what you want to design and perhaps what key elements you'd like included. Then it'd move on to preliminary sketches, you'd work out the little kinks before doing final sketches. Then of course it's time to talk about yarn! By now you've probably decided on the weight, and perhaps even the colour of the yarn you want to use. The real fun comes in when you get to knit swatches in different yarns to see which you'll use in your final design.

I'm not quite sure about what would happen next. Would both of you start knitting the design up? Or, will you wait for the other to finish and then you test the pattern? Perhaps you'd both knit different parts (like in my dream), and then get them sent to either you or your partner to sew them all together.

Hopefully in the future I'll get the chance to do a design collaboration, if I did I'd love to design socks as I'm not clever enough to design them myself!

If you could design anything, what would it be? And would you prefer to design it by yourself, or with someone?

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