Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pattern Infatuation...

I was knitting Slouchy Bubbles, before I looked on
Ravelry and fell in love with a pattern... this beanie
ended up getting frogged! 
Searching Ravelry for new patterns despite having a WIP already on the needles is a dangerous business. I fool myself into looking every time by saying, "I'm only going to look... if I like it I'll add it to my queue. So, what's the harm?" For a few minutes it all goes well, you see a pattern, you add it to your queue then you carry on looking. You then find a pattern and become infatuated with it from the very first glance. That is when things become dangerous.

You sit there for a moment considering who you would knit it for, what yarn(s) you would use... how much fun you'd have knitting it. After that you start thinking about casting it on. You believe that you can finish your current WIP after you've knitted this little beauty, but will you, really? Will you finish this project, search Ravelry and repeat it over again? That little WIP, the one that you fell for just a week or so before, is now at the back of your mind, and in the back of your cupboard.

The photograph makes it look much more grey than it really is.

This is what happened on Sunday afternoon. The night before, I had cast on yet another beanie (Rizzle groaned when she found out). I chose the pattern Slouchy Bubbles by tshep, and was using Lion Cashmere Blend by Lion Brand. A yarn I could just sit and cuddle, it is that soft & luxurious.

Slouchy Bubbles is a gorgeous cable beanie, and I was really looking forward to knitting it. I had almost finished the brim when I realised that I might not have enough yarn to finish the project. So, I decided to look on Ravelry for a back up project, just incase I had to frog my third beanie of the week.

I found a couple of nice patterns and added them to my queue. As I continued to surf the web, I came across a designer called Sashka Macievich, and instantly fell in love with her pattern 'Horseshoe Lace Cowl'. I've never knitted a cowl, but was encouraged by Rebecca from The Cornwall Yarn Shop (honestly, her shop is heaven) to give it a try if I ever got the chance.

So, I decided to frog the Slouchy Bubbles beanie as I don't want to get 3/4 of the way through and run out of yarn, and have to frog all that work. I will knit another Slouchy Bubbles beanie when I get more Aran yarn, as it's a lovely pattern and I think Rizzle will look very cool in one ;)

I won't divulge any more information about my cowl, you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out more. I will let you into a secret, though, but you need to promise to keep it to yourself ;) If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you can see photos of the cowl in progress before anyone else.

See you tomorrow folks! x

3 thoughts:

  1. I'm excited to see how the beanie will look like finished. :)

  2. Ravelry's pattern search is a dangerous place for me. I love to sit there and oooooh and aaaaah over everything!

  3. ok so thanks for that I now have 3 new projects and found myself trawling through Sashka's site and am eyeing off a few more,...not too sure how I will fit in cleaning the house and feeding the Hubby and kids,....


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