Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pattern Doodling

Yesterday I said I was going to show you a swatch for a new scarf pattern I'm dreaming up, using Patons Morocco Aran in Jade/Smargd.

Well, I did have a go with the Morocco yarn but I just couldn't think up a pattern that worked well enough with it. So, getting bored I grabbed my skein of Stylecraft Special Double Knit in Raspberry, settled down in front of Larkrise to Candleford (series three, if you were wondering) and knitted away.

I tried to think about this new design as little as possible, and to just see where I went with it. Two episodes later, this is what I was left with:

I call them 'Doodle Mitts' :) 

As you can see, at the start of each cable there is a decoration of YO's, following the bend in the beginning of the cable.

They are knitted flat, then sewn up. The cable is really simple, making it perfect for a cable novice. In fact, I think this pattern would be great for beginners!

I'm going to knit up the second mitt, and then I'll release the pattern some time next week. Late last night I designed a second pair of mittens, I'll give you two clues. It is fair isle, and they are inspired by where I live...

3 thoughts:

  1. Your mitts look great! I love the color with your pattern.

  2. Such a fabulous looking design!! I love cables, and these are very lovely!


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