Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Weekend Knit...

After I blogged about my Tulisa Beanie I  did a quick Ravelry search on my iPhone to find a new project. I wanted an instant gratification knit, and I found that with the Ribby Slouch Hat by Naomi Adams. This time last year, my Nan gave me two skeins of Rowan Colourscape Chunky. It is a variegated yarn, and the colourway is not something I would personally choose. It is a 100% wool yarn, making it the perfect yarn to use for a winter hat. It is a little scratchy when knitting, and like cassiewu, I found hay/grass woven into the yarn, and had to continually pick it out. 

I loved knitting the massive brim, and will definitely think about including it in the new pattern I'm conjuring up (as well as the colourscape chunky yarn...). I found the brim was finished in about half an hour - 45 minutes. Not too shabby, eh? The body of the hat also knitted up really quickly (even though I had to drop to 8mm circs as I didn't own 9mm that the pattern requires), although I did find it a little short, I think if I were to knit the pattern again I would perhaps do a half repeat of the body, just to make it that bit longer. 

When it came to the decreasing, I found the rib pattern was no longer lining up. I popped my knitting down and did a bit of research on how other knitters solved this problem (I did this by going onto the pattern's project gallery, and reading the notes of different projects). I came across yarnvista, who solved this problem like so:

"I adjusted the decrease rounds to make the ribbing line up:
After odd decrease rounds I purled over the decreased stitch.
It gets eaten on the next decrease round and the ribbing stays true."

Thank you, thank yarnvista, you saved the day. I got to round 13 of the decrease, and found I needed to switch to DPNs. Only problem was, I didn't have 8mm DPNs. So, I cut the yarn, passed it through the remaining stiches, gave it a good tug, and ta da! A beanie completed in just under 3 hours. 

Rizzle kindly sat for another photo shoot - thank you Rizzle!

We can never do a photoshoot without a few silly snaps...
I hated the colourway originally, but now it is knitted up I'm quite a fan of it! The hat only used up half a skein, so I have another 1 1/2 skeins to play with... oooh the temptation!

I've already casted on another beanie (I'm obsessed I tell you, obsessssssssssssssed!), but you'll have to wait   'til next week to see it ;)

2 thoughts:

  1. Your head is going to be really warm this winter, or you can give them as gifts.

  2. Hiya! What a wonderful hat again! And how good of you to start with this great yarn. Because I always feel a bit of pressure when it comes to special and funky yarn. It makes me doubt to start it... But very lovely that your Nan treated you with it!

    Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)


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