Friday, 19 October 2012

My First Cowl!

I'm so pleased it is finally Friday, I've had a really difficult week and have been looking forward to settling in front of the telly with my knitting and a cocktail all week. I have also been looking forward to showing you my cowl! I casted this on in favour of a beanie I was knitting, and I'm really pleased I did.

I've never knitted a cowl before, but have seen them around the blogosphere a few times lately so thought I might as well give it a go. I found the pattern, Horseshoe Lace Cowl by Sashka Macievich, and instantly fell head over heals for it. I had ordered a skein of Stylecraft Life DK in Melon from Deramores a little while ago, but had no idea what to make with it. This seemed like the perfect yarn for the pattern so I cast on.

As I told you on Wednesday, I struggle following lace charts so I 'translate' them into written form. This pattern was really simple and I was able to remember it pretty well, making it the perfect TV knit. Rizzle and I sat and watched The Paradise, three and half episodes later I was finished! :) (each episode is an hour long)

I really enjoyed knitting this, and can see myself using this as a quick gift knit in the future.

Rizzle kindly modelled the cowl for me, as I'm scared of cracking your computer screen, I look that awful at the moment.

So, here is the finished article in all its glory!

As you can see in the final photograph it still curls, despite having a garter border top and bottom. I'm thinking of sewing the hem back, like I'm going to do to my Origami Cowl, to make it sit straight. If that fails to work I'll have to block it, but I'll have to google how to do that as I have no clue whatsoever!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, mine is to be filled with friends, yarn and lots of TV!


I am releasing my first baby blanket pattern tomorrow, inspired by my gorgeous niece, so please come check it out :)

14 thoughts:

  1. Blocking is super easy just hand wash it and lay it flat to dry. You may have to stretch it slightly.


  2. That is beautiful! I seem to spend ages trying to find *the* cowl pattern I want to knit at the mo. They are just so snug and warm :)

  3. Lovely cowl. I agree with Amanda that blocking is super easy, so I'd try that first before sewing anything. Of course, I'm lazy :) Love the colour!

  4. thats a beautiful cowl, i love the colour. I wish my knitting skills were up to your standard.

  5. That is a totally yummy cowl, gorgeous color!!

  6. To prevent curling you need to use a garter edge. Purling rounds is just reverse St st. Sometimes a good blocking will work, but it really is just a function of the knitting that makes it curl. But I think it lovely no matter.

  7. Great job on the cowl! And I was about to mention how easy blocking is, but others already told you. I always put it on this rectangular pouffe we have. I pin it at night and put a wet towel on it, mostly it is done the next morning. If you don't have that much energy as a ME-patient, you might want to try this before frogging the edge.

    Enjoy your weekend, love! Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on RAV, but you know that of course, silly me!)

  8. Looks great! I love the color you used.

  9. Nice work! I think if blocking doesn't solve the rolling edge issue, it still looks great! Love the pattern, just added it to my favorites on Ravelry.

  10. Your cowl looks great on you! Well done. Perfect colour (I don't wear orange because it makes me pale). I saw your cwol growing on instagram. :-)

    Conserning the border: it will always curl because it is not garter stitch. You knitted in rounds, didn't you? In order to getting garter stitch you knit one row and purl the second. But I like it if it curls. I just casted on a sweater with a curly border yesterday.
    Have a nice weekend. Regula

  11. I haven't downloaded the tutorial, but it sounds great... perhaps you like to give it a go. Also: the name 'Knitting Therapy' is great, not to say hilarious and applies very much to me ;-)

    Love, Fleur

  12. That colorway is awesome! What a cheerful pop of color for Fall. Love how your friend modeled it for you. Her lipstick rocks.


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