Monday, 22 October 2012

Just One More Row...

I'm a procrastinator. 'I'll tidy up... after one more row of my project.' Ironically though, I am also a procrastinator when it comes to my knitting.

3 weeks earlier: 'I should knit my friend a gift for her wedding anniversary.'
24 hours before said anniversary: 'Perhaps I should cast on her gift now.'

The problem is I want to knit so many lovely things at once! I went through a stage last year where I would cast on project after project, I'm amazed how I ever managed to finish anything!

I still have some of those old WIPs, and last week I decided enough was enough and that I'd finally get round to finishing them. To make sure I did, I added them to my Year of Projects (YOP) list. I only have two WIPs that I could find, but I'm sure I have more lurking around the house.

During the past few months I've been determined to only have one project on the needles at a time, that way everything gets finished. It's not been easy, especially when I've been routing through Ravelry patterns (I wrote a blog post about that, too), and I don't expect it'll get any easier but its nice to experience that 'finished' feeling more often.

The Brain Fog Blanket that has been in hibernation since May!
This month alone I've managed to knit (1) set of fingerless gloves, (1) lace scarf, (2) beanies and (2) lace cowls. So my new rule is reaping results!

I am going to be getting a little help with my Brain Fog Blanket. My Mum is able to knit/purl & cast on/off, and I'm currently teaching Rizzle to knit (can't wait to show you all her scarf she is working on!). They both decided they want this to be a family project, so what we are going to do is put all the lovely yarn for the blanket in a basket, along with needles. Then when they sit down to watch TV they can whip up a few squares and pop them in a separate basket. When we have enough squares, we'll sew them all together, then tada! We have a soft and squishy blanket for the living room.

As for my Swirling Gauntlets, the other WIP I have stored away all these months, it shouldn't take me long to finish. I'm halfway through the second mitten, all I need to do is correct the huge cabling disaster I have going on, and then I'll be done. Silly of me to put off such a little problem for so long, but hey ho! It will be done soon. 

Hopefully from now on I'll continue to behave myself, and you'll see me taking part in FO Friday much more often ;)

As Tigger would say, Ta ta for now! 

4 thoughts:

  1. What a lovely idea, to make it a family project. Be careful about gauge though or you might end up with three sets of different sized squares.

  2. I start way to many projects too, I have a ridiculous amount of WIP's - I need to start finishing things too!!! The blanket sounds like a fabulous idea :D good luck with it xx

  3. I'm trying to be really good about keeping my WIPs to a minimum, too, so to finish projects. Lovely blanket idea!

  4. I will should adopt that rule, I've lost count of my WIP's!


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