Saturday, 27 October 2012

Guest Post: Pink Kitties

The following post is written by my good friend Fleur, from the blog Blue Mark for M.E. I hope you enjoy it!

Pink Kitties

Ravelry is an online community where you can find all sorts of patterns (some for free!), a lot of tips and tricks about both knitting and crocheting, and many fellow knitters. It is where Charlotte and I both met.

Photo: Channel 4 television
There is plenty of room for discussion with either members of the groups you are in or with others on one of the six main boards that are about general knitting topics. Just this other day a knitting colleague started a topic because she ran out of yarn and asked if someone could help her find a bit more of it. She needed to finish her Bagpuss. As a Dutch girl English is not my first language, but I am familiar with most of the English phrases regarding knitting. This, however, sounded like a weird object to me. Whenever I doubt what a word or expression might mean, I use Google and click on 'images' to see if it is what I thought it would be. Like 'bare stalks' and that turned out okay, it was meaning what I wanted to express in a short story that I had written about birds in the garden. 'Thick bush' meant quite something else. I was glad I checked it before putting the story online. So perhaps you can imagine I doubted to look the Bagpuss up on Google, because who knows what would have popped up?!

In the end Bagpuss turned out to be a lovely kitty. Thankfully there is nothing kinky about knitting a fun creature like that. Another knitter on Ravelry was kind enough (yes, there are only nice people on there. Honestly!) to show me Bagpuss on Youtube. And one thing led to another. I went from one pink cat to the next: The Pink Panther. That cool cat is one of my childhood heroes.

Just then something struck me as odd, I never realized this when I was a kid. The panther doesn't wear any clothes, nothing. Nope, that is not odd, Bagpuss also has nothing on her but stripes. But tell me: why does the Pink Panther change into swimming trunks after arriving at the beach?

So, happy knitting and hope to meet you all on Ravelry!

Ciao, Fleur. (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

(Click here for the 'Hamish Part One' with Bagpuss;
Click here for the movie 'Come on in! The water's pink' with the Pink Panther.)

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