Friday, 26 October 2012

Gifts for Miss Molly

Yesterday I teased you about a lace scarf & fingerless mittens I had made for my more than lovely friend, Molly. Well, it's time to show you all :)

Molly has done brilliantly the past couple of months with her voluntary work so I thought I would make her something to keep her nice and warm on those cold days that are so fast approaching. I decided I'd make her a pair of mittens, and the pattern I chose was Cherry Red Handwarmers by creativeyarn. I'd subluxated my finger (on my writing hand) the day before, so I had to hold the yarn as if I was learning to knit all over again.

I read the pattern wrong, so I only did 5 pattern repeats rather than the 10 the pattern calls for. Which meant that each mitten only took me an hour to knit, making it an uber fast knit. Once they were finished and sewn up, I found I preferred them shorter.

Once I'd photographed them, I felt like they were lacking a little.... something, so I sewed on a few silver buttons :)

I felt like mittens weren't enough, so I decided to whip her up a scarf as well! I wanted to use a pattern that had a nod to period drama, as we are both a liiiiiiitle obsessed with Georgette Heyer novels at the moment. I managed to find a lace pattern called Victorian Scarf by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence, which Tink from Master of a Thousand Things, made a little while ago. I decided to give a modern twist to the scarf by using three different colours: Pomegranate, Pale Rose & Plum (The same colours I used for Abby's Blanket).

The scarf was really quick to knit up, and I quite enjoyed knitting it. 

I wrapped Molly's presents up in purple tissue paper, with a note in the shape of a heart. I almost chickened out of giving them to her, as I always do when I knit someone something. I did manage to pluck up the courage to give them to her, and she loved them. I was so pleased :)

Before I pack you all off to Tami's for FO Friday, don't forget to come back tomorrow for a Guest Blog Post by my good friend Fleur from the blog, Blue Mark for M.E.

9 thoughts:

  1. Those mitts are lovely! I'm going to have to make a pair myself :) Such a wonderful gift for a friend!

  2. What a lovely gift. Of course she's pleased with them :)
    I think the silver buttons really make those mitts shine!

  3. The scarf looks lovely in three colours. One of the few patterns I've done that I'd happily knit again, although I'd probably make it longer next time as it's quite short as written, and I like good long scarves I can wrap round my neck a few times.

  4. Ooh, I love the fingerless gloves, wonderful color too.
    Karen at Bridgit's Bell Blog

  5. Lucky Molly! Love the colors and the patterns.

  6. I love knitting mitts and this pattern you've knitted up is GORGEOUS!! Likewise for the lace scarf - you do REALLY beautiful knitting so don't lose courage when giving your goods away. If the recipients can't appreciate your beautiful knitting, then they don't deserve your gifts!

  7. Beautiful FOs. The colours are sublime!

  8. Great mitts and I like the multicolored scarf!


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