Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Second Year of Projects: The List

I tried to take part in A Year of Projects last year, but life got more than out of control and I was forced to back out. Life is slowly calming down, and in another 4 or 5 months it should be back to normal - whoopee! So, I thought I would have another crack at A Year of Projects (YOP).

For those who are unsure on what YOP is, let me shed a bit of light on the matter for you. Basically those who choose to take part, post a list of projects they plan to accomplish between 1/07/2012 and 30/06/2012. This list could compile some or all of the patterns in a particular book or magazine. Some, like myself, have chosen to pick a few patterns from their Ravelry queue and others are working through their back-catalogue of WIPs. Once you've blogged your list, it's time to get started! Then every Sunday you blog about how you're getting along (you don't have to blog every week, its up to you!). Hopefully by June 30th you'll have finished your queue! You can find out more by heading over to the YOP group over on Ravelry, Come Blog-A-Long.

At the moment my list only consists of 13 patterns, but I shall add to it during the course of the year. I have a mix of Ravelry patterns, patterns from books & WIPs in my lovely list :)

(Note: None of these patterns are in a specific order)

1. Twin Leaf Fingerless Mittens by Sashka Macievich 
-  I'll use Life DK by Stylecraft in Melon & I'll keep them for myself. 

2. Origami Falls Cowl by Teleri 
- I'll use Finullgarn by Rauma in Orange. I can't decide whether to gift them or keep this for myself. I'll decide when its knitted up.

3. A Very Braidy Cowl by Maryse Roudier 
- I'll be using Lion Cashmere Blend by Lion Brand in Dusty Blue. I can't decide whether to gift this or keep them for myself. I'll decide when its knitted up.

4. Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington 
- I'll be using leftover DK in my stash, not sure which one yet. I'll be gifting this to either my niece, Daisy, or little friend Amber.

5. Spring Beret by Natalie Larson
- I'll be using Craft Cotton by V&A  Products Ltd in White. I can't decide whether to gift this or keep them for myself. I'll decide when its knitted up.

6. Scallop Lace Hat by Leah Coccari-Swift
- I'll be using Special Double Knit by Stylecraft in Wisteria. I can't decide whether to gift this or keep it for myself. I'll decide when its knitted up. 

7. Later, Gator! by Amanda Berka 
- I'll be using Morocco by Patons UK in Jade/Smaragd. I can't decide whether to gift this or keep it for myself. I'll decide when its knitted up.

8. Hugo the Couch Potato Monster by Rebecca Danger
- I'll be using Supersoft Aran by Sirdar in Bright Pink. This will be knitted for my niece Tilly, whose been asking for this little for a while now. I've been putting it off though, as there are a few techniques required in the pattern that I've never tried before. 

9. Herringbone Lace Socks by Ann Budd
- I'll be using Special 4 ply by Stylecraft in Aspen. I can't decide whether to gift these or keep them for myself (as I do not yet own a pair of hand-knitted socks!). I'll decide after they're knitted up. 

10. The Age Brass and Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower
- Not sure on the yarn choice, or whether it'll be gifted or not. We'll have to see when it comes to knitting it!

- I'll be using leftover Life DK by Stylecraft in Melon, and white 4 ply I've found in the bottom of my stash. This particular project is for Rizzle! 

12. Swirling Gauntlets by Susanna IC 
- This is a WIP that I've been putting off finishing for a while now, it'll be nice to finally have these finished and warming up Rizzle's hands!

13. Brain Fog Blanket by Charlotte Dunning (yep, that's me!)
This is a blanket I designed for my Mum, but am yet to finish! I hope to knit a few squares each week, so by June it will be finished!

So, that is my list! I've already started work on the Oragami Falls Cowl, and will be finished by Sunday - I hope!

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