Thursday, 25 October 2012

3 Shades of Purple

Abby subtly mentioned one summer day that she'd love a knitted blanket more than anything, I quickly took note of the hint and started looking for blanket patterns.
From left to right: Raspberry, Pale Rose & Plum.
Not too long before, I had finished knitting a baby blanket using the pattern 'Hit the Road' by Biggan Dups. It had been featured in the May issue of Let's Knit, and I had really enjoyed knitting it. So much so I decided to knit another one!

Abby loves purple, but I didn't want to do just one shade of purple blanket, I wanted to mix it up. I decided to use three different shades: light, medium & dark. With all these different skeins required, I didn't want the blanket to get expensive so I chose a 'cheap' yarn in the form of Special Double Knit by Stylecraft. 
For the light shade, I used 'Pale Rose', a gorgeous shade that really softens the medium & dark colours. The medium shade was a bit of a gamble, as I know Abby isn't a big fan of pink, but I really thought 'Raspberry' went perfectly with the other colours, so decided to take the risk. Finally, the dark shade. As I said before, Abby's favourite colour is purple, so I had to have a purple shade in there somewhere! I decided to use 'Plum', a very delicious shade I must say!

The pattern is dead simple, and took about.... 8 or 9 days to knit. You have a thick moss stitch border (to prevent curling and to add texture), then it is a simple case of striping! After every stripe you must do a set of fair isle rows, which took forever. I did the fair isle in Pale Rose, to break up the medium and dark shades :) I'll definitely be saving this pattern, as I can see me using it a lot in the future for baby presents! 

Abby absoloutely loved it, and I'm so pleased as I myself am quite chuffed with how it turned out. Fortunately I had left over yarn in every shade after finishing, so I was able to put that to good use and knit up my very lovely friend Molly a lace scarf & a pair of fingerless mittens (which I shall show you tomorrow!). Even after all that I still have yarn left, so am mulling over what to knit next... perhaps a pair of mittens for my adorable, pink loving friend Megan. We shall see! :D

3 thoughts:

  1. The blanket is gorgeous! The colors are wonderful.

  2. Love it! Personally I do not have the stamina for knitted blankets, but I know they are extra warm and snuggly when someone makes one for you ♥

  3. The blanket looks adorable. I love the colors you used.


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