Thursday, 7 June 2012

Thursday Book Challenge: Week 12

I have finished Catching Fire, and by far it is my favourite of the three. I moved swiftly onto Mockingjay, the final book in the series. I'm both sad and happy, sad because the series is coming to an end and happy because I will finally know how it all ends. I'm about half way through so far, and there are so many twists & turns I'm not sure how it is all going to pan out. I darn't say any more encase anyone reading this post is planning on reading the series.

So, instead I shall talk about what I plan on reading next. I have so many books on my to-read list, I just can't seem to decide what to choose! I've whittled it down to Sense & Sensibility, The Name of the Book is a Secret, or the re-reading of Matched, Jane Eyre or Inside Out. What do you think?

That's all from me this week, what have you been reading?

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  1. There's so many good books out there and so little time.


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