Monday, 11 June 2012

In Review: Knit with Love

This week I am review Knit with Love by Lisa Bogart. (I received this book for free from Lisa in return for a review)

I entered a give-away on Lisa's blog a while back, she then sent me a message on Ravelry telling me it'd been received etc etc. We got talking, and a few messages later Lisa asked me if I would review her book, Knit with Love: Stories to Warm a Knitter's Heart. Of course I said yes, a little while later the book arrived and I set to work reading it.

You can't help but pick up the book once you've taken a glance at the beautiful front cover, and I'm pleased to say the opening sentences lived up to expectation:

"Knitting can't feed the hungry, fight crime, or stop global warming. But a hand-knit sweater warms a cold child. A cozy scarf eases a homeless night. A tiny hat comforts a preemie head. A lovely prayer shawl wraps a worried patient in peace. Knitting quietly eases some of the hurts in the world."

Each chapter is metaphorically linked to knitting (such as chapter 2: Place a Marker - Aha Moments), and includes a scripture or two from the Bible. 

I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses so I enjoyed seeing scriptures used but despite this, it still left me feeling awkward when a scripture was linked with knitting, as to me it is a misunderstanding of what the scripture is referring too. (If you want to know more about my beliefs you can message me on Ravelry)

Lisa's writing style is very casual, as you read you genuinely feel as if you are having a conversation with her. Without her down-to-earth style, the book just wouldn't work. Throughout the book Lisa shares stories, anecdotes, tips & tricks and even the odd pattern thrown in the mix. My favourite chapter has to be Chapter 7: Increase. Where Lisa covers subjects such as Yarn Bombing, your Stash (there is a funny anecdote about an overheard conversation at a yarn store), she also includes a few patterns such as the Crazy Garter Stitch Scarf, and she shares a brilliant idea called 'The Great Sock Lottery'. 

I could only read this book a couple of pages at a time, as reading about knitting for others kept inspiring me to pick up my needles. Which just proves how inspiring and encouraging this book really is. So on the whole, I like this book. How can you not? Get a copy for yourself, snuggle up on the sofa and make sure your knitting and a box of tissues are near, and learn how you can bring comfort and hope to others with just a skein of yarn, some needles and a whole lot of love.

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2 thoughts:

  1. Thanks for sharing your review. It certainly sounds inspirational - I love the opening paragraph.

  2. That sounds like a very good book. I'll have to check it out on Amazon.


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