Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I Have a New Addiction....

Since my little away time from both blogging and knitting, I'm finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things. As I'm struggling to sit down and finish a 'proper' project (such as Sara's socks for example...), I'm making do with lots of little projects. So, what does that mean?


Yes, the rumours are true. I am now apart of the Beekeepers Quilt clan. I bought the pattern late Saturday afternoon, and immediately sat down to knit one of these little puffs of happiness. 

I've knitted 8 so far during this jubilee weekend, using my leftovers of Mistofellees Summer Berries and RICO Design Superba Mexico 001. When people said hexipuffs were addictive, I didn't realise they were this addictive.

Now you would think that this is where my hexipuff chat ends for this week. But, you're wrong. My lovely Bichon Frise X Poodle, Lilo, needs a new bed as her current one is too big for my room (it is meant for a Rottweiler. yes it is that big), so I kicked around ideas on how we could save money and then it hit me, why not make one out of hexipuffs?

The idea is to knit a load of bigger hexipuffs using DK yarn and 3.75mm needles (making them about double the size of a regular puff), and tack them onto an old pillow. It would look like this (but on a much bigger pillow). So far, I've knitted four hexipuffs.

Unfortunately, that is all I can show you today. I'm hoping I feel well enough to re-do the toe on Sara's socks this afternoon, but we shall see. Otherwise it's more hexipuffs I guess!

I am planning on doing some online yarn shopping this afternoon, for a secret project, a couch potato monster and a pair of my own socks. So by the end of the week, I should have casted on something new... 

PS, Check out the interview I had with the lovely Vicki from It's a Good Place to Knit!

6 thoughts:

  1. Oh dear - I have to keep stepping AWAY from the idea of hexipuffs - as I can well believe how addictive they are and worry that the rest of my life would crumble about me!!! I'll enjoy them vicariously via all those bloggers who are getting hooked (for now anyway...)!

  2. ooooh a couch potato monster - sounds intriguing!!! those hexipuffs are ultra cute, I'm knitting squares for an afghan and am already addicted!!! have a knitty wednesday xxx

  3. You're going to be dreaming hexipuffs.

  4. I seem to have periods where I go crazy knitting these, and then for months when I don't make any - it is a fab pattern though and so nice to see someone else succumbing to the 'puff magic!

  5. I haven't jumped on the hexipuff train yet but every time I see then, I'm soooo tempted. Yours are looking great.

  6. Noooo!!!! Don't go to the dark side!!!!


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