Saturday, 12 May 2012

This Week in Knitting: M.E Week Special

This week is the M.E Week Special! So what does that actually mean? Well, I will pick new patterns to show you, that are either easy to knit (for those of us who suffer with "brain fog") or, will help with daily activities.

First up is the Waffled Wheat Cushion by Gemma Waugh. This pattern is both brain fog friendly, and will help with pain. Gemma says:

"To sooth away those winter aches and pains why not make your own wheat cushion to heat in the microwave so you know what natural goodness is in it. Using a very simple six row waffle stitch to give texture and warmth."

The yarn Gemma has chosen is Freedom Spirit DK by Twilleys. A very reasonably priced yarn (£3.79 on Deramores), but I could only find it on sale in the UK, so here are some more choices:

1. Sprout by Classic Elite Yarns ($10.50 / 8.11 EUR)   2. Patagonia Nature Cotton by Araucania ($11.96 / 9.24 EUR)

As I said on Tuesday, people with M.E/CFS tend to suffer with joint pain (you can see the range of symptoms of M.E, by clicking here), and I know after I do a bit of knitting by hands are incredibly sore, so to keep the joints warm I wear Fingerless Mittens. 

© Annie & Company

So, our next pattern is a gorgeous lace mittens pattern, called Tea Leaf Gloves by Annie Riley. This is the second pattern of Annie's I've mentioned on This Week in Knitting, personally I believe she is going to be a big star in the designing world. We must keep our eye on this girl!

I'm seriously in love with this pattern. It is just goooorgeous. The pattern is available in mid-May, but in the mean time, all orders of Annie Sock from her shop during the month of May will receive a free copy of this pattern! (her yarn is also gorgeous by the way!)

Personally, I think you should make the gloves with her yarn, but here are some other yarn choices to tickle your fancy:

1. Yummy Fingering by Candy Skein ($20 / 15.45 EUR / £12.40) 2. Tea Rose by Twist & Twine Yarns ($18 / £11.47 / 13.90 EUR)

©Woolly Wormhead
Our final pattern for this weeks edition is Rainbowret by Woolly Wormhead. This simple beret will be perfect for hiding those bad hair days that those with M.E tend to suffer with on a regular basis.

I'm not sure what yarn they have used for the show knit, so here are my suggestions:

1. Yummy DK by Candy Skein ($18 / £11.47 / 13.90 EUR)
2. Mirage DK by Patons (£3.50 / $5.64 / 4.35 EUR)

Well, I do hope you've enjoyed this special edition. Which of this weeks patterns are your favourite?

Have a great weekend everyone, 

Charly x

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  1. ooh nice patterns and a lovely way to help those people with ME out a little more!!! I particularly love the wheat bag :D


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