Tuesday, 8 May 2012

M.E Week 2012: Pixie Mitts

Here comes one of my favourite patterns I have designed for M.E Awareness Week, Pixie Mitts!!

Joint pain is one of the many symptoms that M.E/CFS Sufferers have to cope with on a daily basis, warmth such as hot water bottles or fingerless mittens can ease the pain, so I decided to have a go at designing a colourful pair of mittens.

Download the pattern for FREE on Ravelry!

The pattern is created by slipping stitches, so you're only ever working with one colour at a time. Making it so much easier for those new to colourwork or if you're suffering from Brain Fog. 

You can download the pattern for free on Ravelry, but if you don't have an account you can download the pattern for free straight onto your computer, by clicking here to download.

I have provided the pattern for free, but please consider donating to AYME.org.uk, the largest children's charity supporting young people with M.E/CFS. If you can't donate, don't worry! Just by adding your Pixie Mitts project on Ravelry, you're spreading the word, thank you :)

Tune in tomorrow for the release of the Coffee Lovers Favourite pattern. (If you would like to find out more about M.E Awareness Week, check out Monday's post)

5 thoughts:

  1. These mitts are lovely. I love the color combos you used and the meaning behind your new design.

  2. These are very beautiful, and it is great that you are raising awareness of M.E.

  3. Very pretty! I made some lacy fingerless mitts for my Grandma who has severe arthritis, she loves them.

  4. Very pretty pair of mittens. Well done.

  5. Slip stitches are my favourites and your design is so pretty.


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