Wednesday, 9 May 2012

M.E Week 2012: Coffee Lovers Favourite

Small projects are perfect for when you are having very bad days, they provide that "I finished something" fuzzy feeling inside, and provide solace for the pain you're going through.

Grandmother's Favourite Washcloth is one of those brilliant projects, but after a while you do want to switch it up a bit and try something other than a Washcloth. That is why I designed Coffee Lovers Favourite, the Mug Hug spin on the famous washcloth. It knitted up in no time at all, and was very enjoyable to knit.

The pattern is a plain garter stitch hug, decorated with an eyelet border. It uses hardly any yarn, so perfect if you have any left over cotton after knitting Grandmother's Favourite Washcloth. As there is no real pattern in the hug, you could use self-striping, but personally I think one solid colour works best.

I have provided this patten for free, but please consider donating to, the largest children's charity supporting young people with M.E/CFS. If you can't donate, don't worry. Just by adding your Coffee Lovers Favourite project onto Ravelry you'll be spreading the word, thank you :)

Tune in tomorrow for the release of Among the Hedgerows Washcloth. (If you would like to find out more about M.E Awareness Week, please check out Mondays post)

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