Friday, 25 May 2012

I Need a Dollar, Dollar, a Dollar is all I Need...

I've always wanted to go to America, so when my very best friend told me she was off to Florida for 3 weeks, jealous face did make an appearance. She had a wonderful time, marvelled over the flavours of Ben & Jerry's. Poptarts and M&Ms (we don't get many flavours here in the UK), saw Frank the Pug from Men in Black and many more things that I am very envious of.

A week after she got back, a big, fat, squishy parcel landed on our doorstep. Filled with American goodies, and here is what I got...

I know, I know, yarn. Lovely variegated yarn. But that is not what I like most from this parcel, my favourite present is my $1 note.

My petty goal is to go to America, sit on a yellow bus, eat pancakes & bacon in a diner, buy a yellow pencil from Walmart and finally, get myself a dollar. Now you'd think I'd be constantly taking it out and looking at it, but no, I'm worried I'll rip it so I haven't looked at it since Saturday. I am though, going to put it in a frame and hang it on my wall once we have finished decorating my bedroom.

My second favourite present is (you guessed it) my skein of yarn. When I think of American yarn, I always think Worsted, I'm not sure why.

She bought me I Love This Yarn! (very fitting title! Stripes by Hobby Lobby in the Gelato colourway. Abby was worried I wouldn't like the colours, but I love them! I originally thought of making a beret with the yarn, but then it suddenly hit me, socks! So I've decided to make the 5 Stitches per Inch Sock by Ann Budd. I saw 2 projects made from this yarn, so I know it definitely suits the pattern (you can find them here, and here)

She also got me a packet of Coconut M&Ms, a flavour we don't have in the UK, and they were deeeeeelicious.

I also got given a Buzz Lightyear keyring and Toy Story comic (one of my favourite movies ya see!) and a Rex coin from Disney land.

So I want to say, THANK YOU ABBY!! xxx

My lovely friend Amy also gave me a gift last Thursday... an iPhone 3GS!! My sister videoed me as I opened it, my face was quite a picture of confusion and happiness.

So if you follow me on Instagram I apologise for the influx of photographs on my account. It will calm down... eventually :P

4 thoughts:

  1. Wow what lovely goodies! That yarn is gorgeous, I look forward to seeing your FO!

  2. I loved reading this post!
    As an American, I had to giggle a little at your dream of buying a yellow pencil from WalMart. I do understand the love of foreign money, though: I still have my Canada loonies and a five dollar bill. One thing that struck me about money in Canada was that it is so CLEAN and like, pressed. I feel like American money is kind of... I don't know wrinkled and generally filthy.

    What a fun parcel ^_^
    I have never tried I Love This Yarn, but it looks very pretty.

  3. That's a very nice care package.

  4. the yarn from Hobby Lobby is my ALL TIME FAVE acrylic. I think you will really enjoy working with it. if you ever want MORE, feel free to contact me through my blog and i will send you some!!! they have SOO MANY COLORS!!!!!!


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