Sunday, 20 May 2012

Congratulations, and Jubilations, I Want the World to Know I'm Happy as Can Be...

If you were here at the beginning of the week you'll have read my review of Mistofellees by Black Cat Fibres. Ruth kindly sent me the yarn, and as it is designed especially for socks I couldn't use it for anything else! I had the pattern 8 Stitches per Inch by Ann Budd in my Year of Projects list.

My sister has just finished her last exam at work, so what better way to celebrate then with a pair of hand-knitted socks?

Knitting them was so much easier than I expected. I listened to "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins as I knitted which meant I got a lot done.

The yarn was a dream to work with. It has a fuzzy halo covering the yarn, which means it is soft to knit with and their is no chance of it splitting.

I loved how the colour changed every few stitches, which kept it interesting.

Turning the heel was the scariest part, but Ann has written the pattern so clearly, you find yourself doing it without realizing. After I'd turned the heel I couldn't help but do a fist pump, such a large hurdle cleared.

The socks took me 2 days to knit, which is a lot quicker than I thought it would take me. And you know what? I am really proud of myself, I think they look great!

They are soooo comfy!

If I was to change anything, I would change the cuff. I just did stocking stitch, when really I should have added some rib to keep the socks up. But other than that I wouldn't change a thing. 
To complete Tamin's CONGRATULATIONS parcel, I popped in a bar of her favourite chocolate (Lindt, if you were wondering) a card, and printed off a "knitter's gift tag of appreciation" from Eskimimi Makes (knit version, crochet version, crafting and sewing/quilting version)

Which are brilliant for telling people how to care for your gift.

So my package looked a little something like this:

I'm pleased to say, Tamin's loooooves them. She phoned me the next day, she told me that she'd got the package during her lunch break, took her socks to work with her and showed them off to all her co-workers! *smile* 

So that is one more YOP project done and dusted, next up is The Age of Brass & Steam Kercheif by Orange Flower. I'm not sure when my yarn is going to arrive, but I'll keep you all posted on how I get on with it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone :)

4 thoughts:

  1. Well done with your first pair of socks! They look great! I will have to have a look at that pattern and maybe get some of that gorgeous yarn! Great gift tag too!

  2. Gorgeous socks, and what a great way to surprise your sister!

  3. What an excellent congrat gifts ... your socks look terrific!


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