Thursday, 26 April 2012

K&C Week Day Four: A Knitter or Crocheter for all Seasons?

I would like to sit here and tell you how organised I am. How I find out all the events of the year, and see if presents need to be made, then organise what I'm going to knit and when so that it is given in time. How I sort out when I need to knit winter items so I don't have cold hands and feet, and when I knit summer things so I will always have the shawl to go with my new dress, or beret to compliment my outfit.

If I did tell you all that, then it would all be big fat lies. I used to be a very organised person, like scarily organised. But when my M.E got severe in '10 it all went out the window. Now, I am one of the most un-organised people you'll ever meet. DVDs are no longer alphabetised, bookcases are a mess, I forget to order my tablets and most importantly, I never know what I'm supposed to be knitting!

I have started getting organised for winter, but that is only because I went through a mad phase of knitting gloves. Most of the family now own a pair, but now they have one pair they all are asking for another!

As it is Spring now I am trying to prepare for summer by knitting berets, shawls and kerchiefs. I'm currently knitting Larch by Tinks & Frogs Rue, which is a simple scarflet knitted in fingering weight yarn. I orginally wanted to use Mistofellees by Black Cat Fibres but the colour change was too often for the GS to cope with. Instead I've opted for Rico Design Superba Chinee in a deep purple colour. It'll go with the white blouses I tend to wear during the summer months, and it will complement my dark denim jeans.

I hope to have the plain garter stitch blanket finished by October so we're all warm and cozy during the winter, I have another blanket on the go as well but I'm afraid you'll have to wait for M.E Awareness Week (6-12th May) to hear more about that!

I plan on getting obsessed with knitting socks during the summer, so that by November the whole family won't be complaining about their cold toes. I hope I won't be complaining, either.

I've realised while writing these posts that I hardly ever knit for myself, and my friend Fleur kindly pointed that out when she commented on my 'Perfect Storm' Beret.

So I hope that this year will not only just bring Organisation, Socks & World Domination, but also hand-knits for myself.

5 thoughts:

  1. Great post !
    I'm much the same. Socks and world domination, great plans ! X

  2. Socks and world domination sound like a great plan to me. I think I'll join you:)

  3. You know, I've always been really disorganised, and this year is my year of Getting Organised. I've been doing it slowly, bit by bit, and (though it seemed so daunting at first), it's getting much better now. I wish you luck with your getting organised!

  4. I love the idea of socks and world domination. I always have grand plans on how I will organize myself and by proxy my world will just fall into place. Those plans last just long enough for me to buy a bunch of stuff that is supposed to make me and keep me organized. After that I get amnesia and get off track again. So I decided I will embrace it.

  5. Those all sounds like great goals... especially the organization and knitting for yourself. I hardly make anything for me anymore... trying to fix it this year with knitting.


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