Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thursday Book Challenge: Week 4

I can't believe we're at week 4 already, the weeks have just flown by! Anyway, this week I've been busy knitting so my reading has received very little attention. So I'm afraid its a very short update from me today!

So this week I am reading H.I.V.E: The Overlord Protocol (book 2) by Mark Walden. I found this series last year while surfing Shelfari, a wonderful book website that you really should check out, you can make your own profile and keep track of what you've read so far this year (I'm Berri on the site), anyway, I really enjoyed the first book H.I.V.E and had to know what happened next to these wonderful characters.
H.I.V.E (The Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is a school dedicated to training and educating the villains and sidekicks of the future. The children that are kidnapped brought to the school are elite; they are the most athletic, the most technically advanced, the smartest and most cunning child villains in the world. The books follow Otto Malpense, an orphan who ran the orphanage where he lived and also managed to trick the Prime Minister of England. When brought to the island he teams up with althetic martial-arts expert Wing Fanchu, spunky computer expert Laura Brand and diamond thief Shelby Trinity.

In the second book, The Overlord Protocol, Otto and Wing are shipped off to Tokyo to attend Wing's father's funeral. Little to do they know that they have been tricked by super-villain and council member Cypher, who is planning to use Otto and Wing to retrieve the Overlord Protocol, a device that will help him take over the world.
I'm not very far into the book, but I am enjoying the storyline so far. Looking forward to seeing the story progress and seeing how Otto and Wing handle the situation they have been thrown into.

So, that is what I'm reading this week, now its over to you. To take part, write your own Thursday Book Challenge post, telling us what you're reading this week and how you're getting on. When you're finished, pop back over here and put the link to your post in the Mr. Linky below. We'd also love it if you'd visit the other participants posts and leave a comment or two.

3 thoughts:

  1. I cannot believe you have been putting knitting in front of reading! =O << see shock face :P :P hehe

    Well, you already know this, but thought I would tell you again! You have made me want to read HIVE 2 now! I think I might see if I can get it from the library this week!

    See ya later dude! xxx

    1. I know! I'm such a naughty thing ;)

      Hehe! Mission accomplished. While ya there, have a look for some books for us to try. Feels like all I'm reading are sequels at the moment!


  2. I know it does, doesn't it! Especially since all I seem to be reading is ASOUE or The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy! I'll try and see if there is anything cool there! :D I shouldn't get it though, cause remember at the beginning of the year I said I'm going to try and read all the books I bought... well so far... that isn't going so well hehe xx


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