Sunday, 18 March 2012

Knit One, Purple Two

I've been telling you that I'll be showing you my Jacket with Moss Stitch Bands and Moss Stitch Shoes for weeks now, and today I can finally show it to you (I've had to delay it until I gave them to Sara as she reads my blog)!

I bought Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss as not only was my sister pregnant with her little girl, Daisy, at the time, but I also wanted a simple introduction to knitted garments. Which is exactly what I got. The two patterns that really stood out to me was the Jacket with Moss Stitch Bands & the Moss (seed) Stitch Shoes. So, I decided to add them to my Year of Projects list. And now I can officially say, they are finished!!

First up is the Moss Stitch Shoes. My normal go-to Baby Booties pattern is Baby Booties by Aneeta Patel, so I decided to go for something that requires some 'real' knitting. I chose to knit these booties in Peter Pan DK by Wendy, in the Purple (3003) colourway. The yarn is 60% Acrylic and 40% Nylon, so it's perfect for banging in the wash which is just want you need for baby knits. The yarn is plied with sparkly thread, which adds a bit of depth to the yarn. (If you remember, I used the yarn to make Abby's Faye Purse) Really nice to knit with, and will definitely buy it again in the future.

So, onto the pattern. It was pretty simple, I did have to learn a new technique called KFB (Knit Front Back) which is going to be really useful for the future. They knitted up really quickly, the only problem I had with them was the sewing up.... As you know, I am not known for my sewing up skills. But, I persevered and managed to create something slightly resembling a shoe.

I probably won't knit them ever again, but at least I took a stab at it.

So, I've saved the best 'til last. I am so proud with this one, I must admit. It is my first ever garment, and the pattern is called Jacket with Moss Stitch Bands. I stared at the pattern for a while, and thought I would never be able to knit it. But, once I started knitting it everything made sense. Which just proves that I shouldn't just give up simply because I 'think' I can't do something, I need to give it a go first.

I used Heart Buttons, which also had little Daisy's on them.
So for the cardigan, I used Peter Pan DK by Wendy, in the Purple (3003) colourway. The cardigan is really simple, just stocking stitch with moss stitch on the right and left hand side. Thanks to this pattern, I learnt how to pick up & knit properly. I'm not sure what I was doing prefer, but it was definitely wrong. Now, though, I can do it well, which just adds to the 'proper finish' that all us knitters are after.

We went to tea at my sister's house on Friday, so I took my little knitted gifts with me. Sara & I did a trade, I gave her Daisy's presents and she gave me home-made peanut butter cups (which were amazing). Which I thought was very fair.

My gorgeous niece, Daisy. 
I was really worried that it'd be too small (she has just turned 6 months, so I knitted her the 6-9 months size), or that the sleeves would fall off, or something awful like that. But, not only did Daisy look adorable, it fitted and nothing fell off in the process of putting it on. Hooray!

So now I can put a line through those two projects on my new Year of Projects page, I just have to decide what to knit next. I have had a fiddle round with my list, added and changed a couple of patterns. So feel free to have a look at my new and shiny list, and pop a suggestion on what I should knit next!!

For now though, head on over to the Year of Projects group for this weeks finishes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

P.S, thanks to my best friend Abby from Virtual Stitch, for coming up with the post title. Bagwoman to the rescue once again, saving the blogging world from bad blog titles. You rock dude ;) 

8 thoughts:

  1. She looks so cute in that jacket! Great job!

    You should knit Age of Brass and Steam next, I love that pattern.

  2. Adorable! I love the jacket, it's so pretty.

  3. Good work auntie, the little cardigan looks adorable! Sometimes I can read and reread a pattern and not really understand how it will work, but then if I just do as it says without overthinking it all works out. May as well try things - you can always rip out if you're not happy with them!

  4. Very cute jacket, it really looks good on her. And I would say the booties definitely look like a shoe, nothing to worry about there

  5. Well done you! You should be very proud of yourself--and you silly girl thinking something would fall when put on baby! I must say that did make me giggle. I have learned to just briefly look at a pattern directions, then start knitting, trusting the pattern and crossing the bridge of new-to-me skill when I get to it.

  6. What a cute book find!
    You did a terrific job for both projects, esp that cardi. It's cute on your adorable niece.

  7. Adorable...everything is. I get a bit confused about KFB, I've done it to increase, but then have also seen in listed as KFB knit 1 and knit it again? White confused me. So you knit one stitch in both front the back loops (2 stitches made), knit 1, then knit it again..mweans knit it again but in front? (still an increase, 2 stiches made?)

  8. I have knitted each moss stitch shoe, but I can not figure out how to sew the shoes. I keep looking at the odd shape and really have not idea where to begin. Any hints you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    Feeling really dumb. GC


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