Friday, 17 February 2012

Twinkle Twinkle, Ball of Yarn... How I Wonder What You'll Be...

After I made my Emanelle fingerless gloves, I had over half a skein of my Strawberry Yummy DK left over. I had no idea what to do with it, and then while I was on holiday I was flicking through the Hats & Mitts supplement from my latest magazine, and found a great pattern called A Hint of Sparkle by Kirstie McLeod. After looking at it, I thought they would be perfect for my best friend Abby.

So as soon as I got back home, I cast on. They only took me a few hours to knit up, and I really enjoyed making them! Included in the magazine were these gorgeous heart buttons, they only gave you 6 but I would love a whole jar full of them!!

As I was putting the parcel together (with a decoupage card I made too!) it didn't feel quite complete, so I flicked through my magazine collection and found the Faye Purse by Sian Brown, which was in Let's Knit Issue 43. Turned out to be perfect, as Abby has just gotten a new phone and iPod Touch, and was talking to me about wanting a new case just a couple of days before. As Abby's iPod is white, I decided to use the white and purple Peter Pan yarn. The yarn is lovely to work with, so incredibly soft and it has sparkly thread running through the yarn so it sparkles under the light. I'm actually using the purple for Daisy's cardigan and ballet pumps!

I was a complete donut and forgot to take a
picture of the case, but fortunately Abby was there to
save the day! Thank you!
The pattern was nice and easy, and knitted up pretty quickly. As I didn't put the yarn into bobbins, it did keep getting tangled, but I've learnt my lesson and will take the time to make it into bobbins next time I try any Fair Isle-type work!

The parcel arrived on her doorstep the next day, and I'm pleased to say that she loves them! *woohoo*

Hopefully on Sunday I'll be able to you Daisy's cardigan and ballet pumps all finished! The pumps just need sewing up, and I just have one more sleeve and the neckband left to do on the cardigan. I am knitting some more gloves too, but you'll have to wait until next week to see them ;)

For now though, head on over to Tami's for F.O Friday (oh, and while you're there, check out her new yarn colourways!), Fibre Arts Friday and Creative Friday for more Finished Object Fun! 

Have a great weekend folks! x

10 thoughts:

  1. I LOVE both of your FOs! Especially the mitts! The buttons are just perfect! (Did they tell you how/where you could buy more?) What a lucky friend!

  2. How cute are both those projects. The mitts are especially lovely and that yarn just looks gorgeous. Lucky friend and I'm sure she'll love them.

  3. Those are great gifts. I love those heart buttons and they are the perfect touch to both projects.

  4. it feels so great to wrap up a knitted present... ilove. x

  5. Well, well, aren't that some classy mittens, or what?! And looooooove the photo. And I can imagine that you were thrilled with the buttons.

    Love, Fleur

  6. The gloves are gorgeous and I love the phone cover too! :) The heart buttons are really cute!

  7. Those buttons make the gloves look amazing! c x

  8. Both projects are just lovely. LOVE THOSE BUTTONS! Thanks for sharing.

  9. The mittens are very cute. Good choice in buttons too.

  10. Gorgeous mitts, the yarn is lovely and the buttons really cute


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