Friday, 24 February 2012

Suffering from Glove Love!

I finished the Irish Hiking Armwarmers yesterday, Mum was incredibly chuffed with them. And so was I, actually. Really pleased that I managed to conquer the DPNs, now I can move onto socks and monsters and other awesome things.

I do have one request, though. I've been looking at sock patterns on Raverly, and I'm really not sure which is the most beginner friendly. If any of you have a moment, would you have a look through them and possibly send me a message (or leave a comment on this post) telling me which one I should have a go at? I would be eternally grateful! 

I uploaded a picture of the Emanelle gloves I did a while ago, onto FaceBook the other day and my older sister left this comment:

WANT ONE PLEASE SIS!! two would be better though! xxxmwahxxx

So, I set to work on her pair. I couldn't find a pattern I preferred over Emanelle, so I just stuck with the same pattern but in a different colour!

I chose James C. Brett Top Value DK in Turquoise, the same yarn I used for my By the Sea French Press cover. It is really good value for money, for two skeins (612 yards/559 metres) I paid £3.58 on Deramores. It knits really well and the colours are lovely. As you can tell, I can't sing its praises loud enough!!

Only took me a day to knit Tamsin's gloves up, I really liked how they turned out. I might even have to knit myself another pair in the same colour!

So as you can see, the glove love is bordering on obsessive. But, I'm enjoying it.

Right now I've cast on for Daisy's Tuck Stitch Helmet, hoping to get some work done on that over the weekend. More about that on Sunday, though!

So, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the weather picks up! Grey and cloudy here in the UK at the moment, but we have seen Snowdrops starting to open which means Spring is here - hooray!

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15 thoughts:

  1. I can understand the "glove love". Your gloves are fantastic, makes me want to add them to my list of things to do again!

    And the best bit about gloves is the speed they knit up!



  2. I've never knit up any gloves but love the look of them. I've been on the hunt for something that might be easy as a first pair and I really like the look of the Emanelle.
    As for socks, I'm only a very recent addition to the sock addiction. I started with Jelly Bean Socks as they were recommended to be as a great place for a beginner and with them being for a small child they'd be quick. I loved them and they were easy to read instructions.
    I'm now onto my second pair from a book I own and as I got the first pair over me I feel I can accomlish this next pair easily.

  3. I haven't tried the pattern yet, but your first picture made me automatically think of the "Handsome Socks" at I don't know if you can get them on Ravelry, but I think you can order right from her website. Might be worth checking out.

    Great job on the gloves by the way.

  4. Lovely mitts.
    I usually suggest starting with a keyring sized mini sock (just search "mini sock" on Rav) as they have all the parts of full sized socks but with less work.
    Also good is making some with a thicker yarn, boot socks or chunky slippers, as you get to try the method but faster.

  5. Great job on your mitts....loving your sister turquiose ones.

    Kalamazoo Knits has an easy beginner pattern from the cuff down called Easy Socks on Circ. I started doing socks on double points really enjoy the circ method better.

  6. Of course, we can never have enough shoes, why not gloves too! Love the stitch definition in that yarn. Beautiful all!

  7. Those mitts are super sassy! I love the cables and they look super warm and comfy.

    Yes, I am ready for Spring here too.

  8. The gloves turned out nice. I like knitting cables. I haven't knitted socks yet. However, someone once told me that a pattern called Fuzzy Feet from knitty. is a good pattern to learn socks.

  9. Yay for dpns! You'll love Rebecca Danger's patterns - I've got the book and have already made a couple of the monsters. She makes it very easy to follow with what to do with stitch placement on the needles.
    For socks, try Ann Budd.

  10. Your mitts are lovely... I'm gonna have to go look those up.

    My first socks were Sock it to Me...

    Pretty straight-forward and adjustable to foot size.

  11. What a lot of wonderful gloves! Well done :o) My first sock advice is to stick to a basic rib type pattern, so you can concentrate on the other aspects of sockmaking first :o) c x

  12. I'm loving all of the gloves! I've been meaning to try out the Irish Hiking Armwarmers for some time now and you have inspired me to think, again, about starting some!
    I love the turquoise yarn! What a great color! I remember how I loved it when you used it on your french press cover too!

  13. Very pretty gloves! I'm making a hat right now with a similar braided cable to the last two--isn't it great how it looks more intricate and harder than it actually is?

  14. If you still want dpn practice, maybe make a pair of yoga socks. No toe, no heel, but your working on size 1 needles and fingering weight yarn. Elizabeth Zimmermans Moccasin Sock pattern might be best, its very well explained and gives you some variations for a foot bottom that can be replaced as its worn. :)

  15. Love those gloves. Like you I am about to start on socks. I haven't done a lot on DPNs, so plan to start with a 2 needle version so I understand the structure before attempting socks on DPNs. Good Luck with yours.


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