Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Do Mi So Do, Do So Mi Do....

When she finished teaching her art class, Mum very kindly bought me a cross stitch kit! She brought home with her Marie from the Aristocats! As it is a Soluble Canvas Kit in did not include fabric, but fortunately we had a small piece floating around the house. 

I did start it last week, but it went terribly wrong so I decided to rip it back and start again on Sunday afternoon. 

It all worked much better the second time around. Once I got into the swing of it I really enjoyed it, and on a few occasions had to force myself to put it down!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out... I know the colours aren't quite what they should be (I got confused, the shades of grey all looked the same!) but I'm pleased with it nonetheless. 

This afternoon I am going to cut it out and put it onto a card. I'll show you my efforts next week! I do also have another cross stitch planned for my younger sister. Mum bought the fabric yesterday and I'm waiting to get the correct colours :) So, hopefully they'll be something to show you next Tuesday! 

Whenever I think Aristocats, I think of Scales and Arpeggios! 

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