Sunday, 15 January 2012

Knitting the Town Red

Yesterday afternoon was the ultimate lazy day. I stayed in my pyjamas, watched films and knitted 'til my hands hurt.

I logged onto the computer in the morning and read the Yarn Harlot's latest post. She was knitting mittens and it inspired me to get out my beautiful Strawberry DK from Candy Skein that I bought back in July from the lovely Tami and start knitting the Emanelle fingerless mittens I had queued for Year of Projects.

For some reason I thought I was doing Moss Stitch (seed stitch) so it took several attempts to get 6 rows of 1x1 rib. Finally I got the 'base' of the mitten down and I could get my teeth into the pattern.

I loved, loved, loved knitting these gloves. The Yummy DK is soft to touch, glides across the needles and the strawberry colour just looks delicious. I cannot recommend this yarn enough.  Just buy it, and you'll know what I mean.

Anyway, back to the gloves. Well, everything went swimmingly. The 8 row pattern was easy to remember, and I was soon able to knit without consulting the pattern. When I knitted my Bright and Bold cable bag, I found it a little boring despite the constant colour change. With this cable pattern however, I was knitting with only one colour and  had only one cable to combat, yet it was a lot more interesting. I'm not sure whether this is because I was infatuated with this skein of yarn, or that I genuinely liked the pattern.

I finished the first glove just before dinner, and the moment it was finished it was slipped on my hand and shown off to the family. I waved at my Mum as if I was the Queen while saying, 'Helloooo, hellooooo' in my most regal manner (trying to show my glove off as much as possible). She got the hint and said, 'What a lovely glove, did you knit that yourself?'

I didn't fall asleep until 4am last night (... or should I say this morning?) so I got to work on the second glove. I knitted while wearing the first glove for as long as possible, until I got too hot and had to lay my handy work by my side. I finished it in an hour and a half, and became a happy owner of my first hand-knit gloves.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and can't wait to wear them out tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately I have enough yarn for another pair of gloves, so I thought I'd make a pair for my best friend. Not sure if I'll use the same pattern, I'll have to look through Ravelry and see if I can find another pattern to tackle.

So, that is my first completed Year of Projects project this year completed, woohoo! I'm casting on for my Abysall Shawl as we speak, which is the next YOP project I'm going to attempt. So, if you fancy reading some more Year of Project posts head on over to When Did I Become a Knitter where the creator, Kerri, is holding a Mr. Linky. Or, you can pop on over to the Year of Projects group on Ravelry, while I go and help myself to a Galaxy Promise. Yummers. 

12 thoughts:

  1. Wow, your quick, the gloves are gorgeous, and I'm sure you looked very regal in them waving like the queen!

  2. Those gloves are beautiful! What a perfect yarn choice ♥

  3. You are making such fun projects. That Candy skein is so fun! It's perfect for the mitts. Congrats on your finish.
    Like that Abysmal Shawl.

  4. LOL...seeing you waving The Queen Wave, perfect picture. Love the glove and know you'll enjoy them both when the 2nd one is finished. You must knit fast to get that done so quickly.

  5. Don't you just love red yarns! Perfect for fingerless gloves. And what a nice cabled pattern!

  6. Those are fantastic--and from your writing style, I am guessing that the yarn is so you! Very vivacious an lively. I am in the middle of my first hand knit mitts too, although I am definitely not as fast a knitter as you!
    *smiles and well done!*

  7. They're perfect!I love it when the yarn and pattern seem made for each other :) Galaxy too, you lucky girl...

  8. Hi Charlotte, congratulations! They are beautiful. You are right, the yarn is wonderful, I can see why you had a hard time putting it down. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Have a great day and enjoy your chocolate! Delisa :)

  9. What pretty photos! That yarn is lovely!


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