Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On Knitting

While on my blogging break I was mulling over my Year of Projects choices. I had initially decided to knit my way through the book Mug Hugs by Alison Howard.

I've been thinking about this for a little while now, and I have decided to scrap my first list and start afresh. I am not in any way saying that Alison's book is a disappointment, it is very good and I'm pleased I bought it. The reason for changing my mind is that I'd like a bit of variety, and a smaller list. You may think, Mug Hugs oh pish posh. I could knit them in my sleep. And I'm sure you could, but I have found some of them too difficult and beyond my skill level for the moment.

In the future I would like to work my way through the book, but for now I would like to have a go at something a little easier.

For my new list, I have a few easier knits but I also have some that will demand not only my full attention but some new skills as well. I want to not only come out of this... 'experience' with some lovely projects, but I would like to come away with new skills that I can use in the future.

So, here is my shiny new list. It isn't particularly long, but that is due to the fact that it is January and I have only 6 months to go until the end of the project. I may add some more projects if I feel I can manage it, but for now I think this list will do me just fine. I will talk more about the patterns when I start knitting them, as I don't want this post to be too long and boring for you all.

In no particular order, here are my Year of Projects! (Or 6 Months of Projects, should I say?)

Moss Stitch Shoes by Debbie Bliss

Jacket with Moss Stitch Bands by Debbie Bliss

Emanelle by Nancy Ricci (completed - see here)

Lazy Days by  Val Pierce (Not yet on the Ravelry Database)

Tuck Stitch Helmet by Sirdar (Not yet on the Ravelry Database)

Beanie Hat by Kirstie McLeod

Monarch Shawl by Denise

Abyssal by Karen and Karyn

Honey Bear by Norma Cambell (read all about my history with my bear Henry, here)

© Helsbels3
I am excited about this new list, I  I'm going to cast on the swatch for the Moss Stitch Shoes this afternoon. I hope they look half as good as Helsbels3 pair!

If you would like to see more Year of Project posts, type YOP11-12 into Google, or head over to the Come-Blog-a-Long group on Ravelry.

8 thoughts:

  1. I think the shoes are cute! Can't wait to see your pair.

  2. The baby shoes are cu-ute. You picked some nice new projects! Totally your prerogative to change your mind; good for you.

  3. Adorable new projects! I agree too that changing one's mind is generally a good thing and the range of projects will mean that you'll always have something that appeals to cast on. I love that Debbie Bliss little cardi!

  4. The slippers look great. I don't think your list is small at all, looks pretty impressive. Best of luck with your new plan.

  5. Hi Charlotte! It sounds like you have a wonderful list with some great knitting goals. You will be so surprised at how quickly you will learn different techniques. When you love what you do and are willing to practice, the skill will just come naturally. Have a lovely morning! Delisa :)

  6. The most important thing is to have fun with your knitting and if that means changing your mind, then change your mind you shall! Your new shiny list looks great. Happy knitting.

  7. I think you are very wise to have a re-think. There is no merit in having a plan you don't believe in. Have fun, the list looks great.

  8. I love Debbie Bliss patterns - that little cardi is so cute. Have fun with your new list and Happy New Year.


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