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100 Days 100 Words: Yarn

This post was meant to have been published yesterday morning as a scheduled post. But, Blogger decided to throw a temper tantrum and not publish it. I told it 'I wasn't impressed and hoped this behaviour did not happen again', hopefully it'll think about what it has done while it sits with a numb bum on the naughty step. Enjoy!

Over the past few months, I have received a lot of yarn. Even with all the organizing, my yarn box is almost filled to the brim. I've been giving everything from sock yarn, to recycled silk. And I have no idea what to do with most of it!

Way back in September my Nan sent me a big, squishy package. In there were two child-size skeins of Robin Aran Wool, I had no idea what to do with them when suddenly inspiration struck and I decided to make myself a soft and squishy garter stitch blanket. She also bought me 6 skeins of Wendy Peter Pan Double Knit in purple, and another 6 in white. I'm planning on using them to make cardigans for my nieces.

She also bought me two skeins of Bergere fe France Toison in Hermine and Blason. I have no idea what I could make with either of them, so if you had any suggestions they would be extremely appreciated!

Now, the following couple of skeins are the most interesting, and puzzling. When in Laxey, Isle of Man she found this Recycled Silk. She had a go with it, but decided it wasn't for her. So she thought I might like to have a go with it. Now, I would love to make something with it, as it is lovely, but I have no idea what to do with it. It feels like an Aran weight, but it has strands of it which almost feel Chunky. I'm thinking that a simple stocking stitch scarf might be in its future, as I think you wouldn't be able to see any other stitches because of the colour. 

In September, I decided to make my sister a blanket that would match the colour-scheme of her bedroom. So I ordered 2 skeins each of King Cole Big Value DK in Ocean and Kingfisher. Two skeins each of James C. Brett Top Value DK in Royal Blue and Turquoise. And finally another two skeins of Stylecraft Special Double Knit in White.

My Mum took me to the Cornwall Yarn Shop

Then in October I took part in a swap with my lovely friend Myriah. She sent me two skeins of Rauma Finnullga, which is a Norwegian Fingering Wool. I'm planning on making myself the Abysall shawl by Karen & Karyn. She also bought me a skein of Dale of Norway.

November was the month of sock yarn. I was given Rico Design Superba Chinee which I'm using to make my first ever pair of socks. I was also given Rico Design Superba Mexico and Sirdar Town & Country.

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Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. Hi Charlotte, you have a wonderful collection of yarn. I enjoyed seeing your pictures very much. These are all brand names I have never seen in my area of the U.S. The Bergere Fe France yarn looks very much like a soft boucle yarn I once purchased in Maine. I used it to make a scarf with a simple stockinette stitch bordered with moss stitches.

    I also like to make short, collar scarfs. I will often experiment with them and practice new stitches and patterns. They knit up quickly in a day or two and give me a chance to try new things. That was how I discovered my love of knitting lace patterns a few years ago. I probably wouldn't have ever tried it because the lace scarves and shawls seemed so complicated and intimidating. The collars usually only take one skein.

    Your blog is a lot of fun and your enthusiasm is very inspiring. Happy Knitting! Delisa :)

  2. So much good stash! I wish my family were yarnies too. Then maybe I would get yarn sometimes. All they know about yarn is that they have some at Walmart :)

  3. mmmmmm I love recycled sari silk yarn <3 I made a little bag out of a skein I had, but on Ravelry there's a lovely pattern for a head scarf/kerchief somewhere.


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