Friday, 30 December 2011

Charlotte, Can You Beat the Cube?!

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For any of you who haven't seen the ITV Gameshow the Cube, I'll give you a quick summary. Contestants are put inside a giant cube and asked to preform deceivingly simple tasks in return for big wads of cash.

No one has ever beaten the Cube, so I thought it was time that I gave it a bash.

Now, the Cube I am attempting to conquer isn't glass panelled and fitted with slow-motion cameras. I haven't got Philip Schofield to explain things to me, and I don't have large amounts of cash to act as an incentive for me to finish.

The Cube I am attempting to beat isn't even a Cube, it's a rectangle. A small wooden rectangle, filled with colourful squishy yarn.

I sat and watched, green with envy,  Kerri over at When Did I Become a Knitter, defeat her amazing stash and get it into a lovely organised fashion. So, I decided to take on the rectangularcubething and join the ranks of knitters who have defeated the enemy that is the un-tidy, IAlwaysSeemToTripOverIt, stash.

The first task was to take all the yarn out of the metaphorical cube, and lay it on my floor in a big heap. Like so.

After getting it all out (which wasn't as easy as it looked, mark one of the Cube, deceivingly simple tasks) I put all the yarns knotted together into a pile, to try and sort it out. After looking at it, I honestly didn't want to carry on. I simply wanted to pop it all back in the rectangularcubething, and be done with it. 

But I carried on anyway.

Like Kerri, I wanted to have all my yarn logged and photographed into Ravelry, but I' still waiting for that to happen. I did though, after a day or so, manage to get my yarns untangled, sorted and popped into zip-lock bags!

I managed to un-earth the yarn vomit from months past. Even now, it still sends shivers down my spine.

I started my battle against the Cube a few months ago, and am still yet to defeat it. But, I have managed to get my stash a little tidier, and when we finish doing-up my room I'll be able to resume the fight against a tidier stash.

So even though this technically isn't a FO, go check out what other knitters and crocheters (with clean & tidy stashes) from around the world managed to finish this week.

4 thoughts:

  1. Yarn vomit, I have some of that. I also have several balls of bart simpson hair brought to you by the furry moth that is our cat! NEXT year I plan to make in roads into the cavern that is my studio and fight the stash monster, think 10x10ft cube:0(
    I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year :0)

  2. Getting the stash under control is never finished, but this is finished *for now,* so it counts. :)

  3. You've made a great start! I highly recommend the arduous task of stashing your stash on Ravelry, because then you can put it all away again and only need to look at the site to remind yourself what you've got when you're browsing patterns!

  4. I would love to do the Ravelry stash with my mess also. My hubby walked by when I was looking at the pics of your exploded yarn stash. He said why doesn't she just throw most of it away? Men ugh.


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