Monday, 19 September 2011

T is for... Tomorrow I Promise to...

Resolutions. They always start out as innocent ideas at first; 'I will only knit from my stash this year' or, 'I will blog every day for a year'.

 Once the idea is planted firmly into our minds, we start planning. We spend hours, upon hours searching our books, magazines and the wonder that is Ravelry for the perfect patterns for our stashed yarn. Or, (if we're going by the second example) we research memes we can take part in, write down article ideas and start working on our photography skills. 

While we plan the excitement builds, we start thinking about our upcoming project more and more. We go to sleep thinking about it, and wake up thinking about it. More and more of our spare time is spent planning.

When the day finally comes for us to start our long-awaited project, we set off at lightning speed. The first week is a breeze, we're finding knitting from our stash is satisfying and writing everyday is easier than we thought. Week two, we slow down a little in our enthusiasm but we're still going. Week three is where the trouble starts to set in. As we visit our favourite blogs, we notice the lovely yarns they are using. We stare longingly at the yarn, then look to the skein sitting on the coffee table. We forget that once upon a time, that skein on the coffee table was once looked upon as the yarn 'I've got to have'. 

By Week Four, we've stopped writing everyday as we have come to view it as a chore. While in town, we walk towards the Local Yarn Store. 'I'll only have a look', you wonder to yourself. Half an hour later you walk out of the shop with a new pair of knitting needles, a new crochet hook and 4 skeins of yarn. Later that evening while looking at your favourite blogs you come across that skein of yarn that tempted you only weeks ago. Out of curiosity you find the yarn on, just to see how much it will cost. You stare at the screen surprised at the price. 'What a bargain. I mean, at the price I can't not buy it. I'd only need... 4 skeins for the shawl so-and-so is making...' Before you know it, another yarn purchase is made. 

I'm not sure about you, but I certainly need to learn from the above and not be so hasty at making new resolutions or setting large projects for myself. I think projects like One a Day though, is certainly going to get my back on track with my knitting. It isn't an overwhelming project, no obsessive rules to stick to, all it takes is doing one row of your project every day. 

Let's hope I am this positive towards the project in a couple weeks time!

3 thoughts:

  1. Ahhhh, I love the whole "tomorrow" concept. Now I just need to do what I decide to leave for tomorrow and get it done! ;-D

  2. Yep, resolutions, they get you every time. I'm beginning to know my limitations, but still tie myself up in things I can't possibly stick to.

  3. I am trying to only use stash, as I am moving house. It's difficult, but nice when I see a yarn I was bored with turn into something useful. I love the yarn in your first pic :o) c x


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