Monday, 12 September 2011

S is for... Swap

I have always wanted to take part in a swap, and I have finally been given the chance to take part in one!

The codename for the swap is PAL (Pass Along). And in your swap package you must pop in a skein (or two!) of yarn, a postcard with a little message and one or two goodies that are only available in your country.

My swap partner is Myriah, who lives in Norway. She asked me if I could send her a ball of acrylic yarn, as it is not readily available over in Norway. In return, Myriah let me choose the yarn she'll send me, which I thought was very kind. She took pictures of her LYS (which is amaaaazing!) and from that I chose my skein. It took a little time as the selection was vast, but I finally settled on Rauma Finullgan in Orange.

It is a fingering weight yarn, and I can't wait to have a go with it. 

We have to send off our packages by October 15, so I'm busy planning on what to include. As soon as Myriah has received her package I will show you what I sent her, and what I received! 

2 thoughts:

  1. That is so awesome! How funny that acrylic isn't readily available there, and that that should make it so desirable. And that yarn shop? So pretty!

  2. How cool is that?!? I've never done a swap before.


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